Please chance me for fall 2012 transfer

<p>Intended major is Economics*</p>

<p>High school gpa: 3.0 (graduated in 2007)</p>

<p>College stats: gpa 3.66 with 58 credits, at the end of the fall quarter with a significant up-trend.</p>

Football: 9,10,11,12 grades. Starting H-Back on Washington 3A 3rd place team at state
Wrestling:12 grade. 10-1 invited to regionals, 3rd place at othello invite
Tennis:9,10 grade
Track: 11 grade
DECA: 2 time first place finished at area, state champion in sports and entertainment in 2006. Flown to Orlando Florida to compete internationally
DECA competition coordinator: 12 grade
Walmart university: prior to becoming a manager
Walmart assistant store manager: helped run $80+ million supercenters
Volunteer work: over 100 hours for relay for life and cmn
Worked at local Morgan Stanley branch helping design a portfolio
Deans list spring quarter
Presidents list fall quarter</p>

<p>Professor/counselor Evals
-both said in top 1% they've encountered and wrote amazing reviews</p>

-professors say one of the best they've read as well as a solid resume.</p>

-have a ton of professional and professor references ranging from Morgan Stanley to Walmart.</p>

<p>"chance me for 2012" lol goodluck</p>