Please Chance me for Fall Transfer

<p>I'm applying to CALS (AEM) as a transfer student. It's my second time applying for the transfer. I applied for the spring term but didn't get in. I'm concerned that my horrible high school GPA (3.4 UW, to make it worse it's a downward trend) and my bad college GPA (3.45, also a downward trend) might fail me again.
Should I consider applying? </p>

<p>Currently, I am a sophomore at a 4-yr private school (US College Ranking= 40~50). I will list all the courses i have taken and am taking with grades. </p>

<p>Freshman (Fall) - 20 credits</p>

<p>Bio 1 - B
Writing for Freshman - A-
Intro to Management - A
Computer Science - A-
General Psychology - A </p>

<p>(Spring Semester) - 20 credits</p>

<p>Writing 2- C+
Intro to Econ - A
Cognitive Science A
Accounting A
US History B-</p>

<p>I didn't get in for spring-term transfer admission with above stats.

<p>Sophomore (Fall) - 19 credits</p>

<p>Finance B
Managerial Econ A
Intro to Literature A
Physics I B+
Public Speaking C</p>

<p>Sophomore (Spring) - 16 credits -this semester</p>

<p>Re-taking Public Speaking
Re-taking Finance
Intro to Diff Equ
Law and Econ</p>

<p>Got 5 on Calculus BC and AB-subscore
Also, 5 on AP stat. </p>

<p>Award: Dean's list. </p>

<p>Pretty much it, for academic-wise. </p>

<p>EC: Summer Internship - Stock trading Company (Hopefully, this could be a hook. Wrote an essay about this experience)
Volunteering work at Africa, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam</p>

<p>DO you think I stand a chance for this time? Do you think my downward trend GPA will hurt me?</p>

<p>Please Chance me! Thanks</p>

<p>Yes the trend will hurt you. You will not have a good chance but it is never bad to try.</p>