Please chance me for in-state

I am currently a HS senior in Wake County NC. My unweighted GPA is 3.95 and my weighted GPA is 4.42. Rank is 24/462. 4 year varsity sport and member in NHS and a few other clubs. I have taken 1 AP class and the rest are honors and dual enrollment classes taken at the local community college (WakeTech). ACT composite is 28 and SAT is 1300. I did just retake the ACT last week so I’m hoping for a little improvement in my score. I think my essay is pretty solid. I am still unsure of what major I intend to pursue so if you could chance me for both the college of Engineering as well for exploratory studies I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks


NCSU is test optional for 2021; the rest of your app looks good for engineering, assuming you took calc and an AP/DE science. If your score doesn’t go up, maybe discuss applying test optional with your GC. Good luck!

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