Please chance me for LACs: Amherst, Colgate, Bowdoin, Haverford

<p>I'm a junior thinking about the months ahead. I'd love to go to one of the small LAC's mentioned in the title, but any suggestions for reaches, matches and safeties are more than welcome. I want to study something in the Humanities field.</p>

<li><p>GPA unweighted - 3.95</p></li>
<li><p>I'm foreign, from Italy. I've been studying at a boarding school in NH since my sophomore year. This school doesn't rank, but at the school I attended my freshman year I was ranked #1/60, and it was a very competitive British prep school which regularly sends students to Oxbridge.</p></li>
<li><p>The NH school I attend now is an alternative boarding school, which means no APs, BUT I'm taking the most rigorous courses, all centered around the humanities field (Philosophy, World Religions, Global Issues, Adv. French Lit., Honors Eng, Honors US His) plus Advanced Calc.</p></li>
<li><p>SATs: Got 216 on my PSAT and 2100 on the SAT (650M, 730W, 720CR). I'll be retaking the SATs. </p></li>
French Club - co founded in 10th grade and am now president
Active & Helping - club at my school that centers on charity, through which I've done many hours of community service. Joined in 10th grade. I also worked at a soup kitchen over the summer.
Model UN: been to every conference
Literary Journal: editor
Student Life Action Committee</p></li>
I've applied to TASP, and I've gotten an interview.
If I'm rejected, I'll probably do some volunteering in Botswana or Anantapur, or maybe I'll get an internship in publishing (I'd like to do both equally. Which one would look better?)</p></li>
My essays will probably be very good, as writing is my forte.</p></li>

<p>So, what chance do I have to get into those schools? Which other similar schools could I get into? What do you suggest I do to improve my application?</p>


<p>Haverford: waitlist if you apply for FA.</p>

<p>Yes, I’ll be applying for FA, and apparently the only LAC that is needs-blind for internationals is Amherst.</p>