Please chance me for Madison

<p>Hey everyone, I am currently a junior and am really hoping I will be able to get into Madison next year. If you chanced me I would REALLY appreciate it. Here are my stats. </p>

-3.84 unweighted, 3.94 weighted</p>

-29, however my breakdown numbers are all over the place. I received a 23 in math, 24 in science, and 35's in both English and reading. I am taking it again in June and have been working really hard to bring up my math and science scores. </p>

<p>AP Classes
-3 AP classes junior year (economics, lit, human geography)
-Registered for 3 next year (comp, psych, US gov't and politics)</p>

<p>Class Rank
-school does not rank</p>

-3 years of cross country (am also doing it next year)
-2 years of lacrosse (freshmen and sophomore year)
-2 years of volunteer tutoring (sophomore and junior year)
-1 year of foreign exchange student mentoring (junior year)
-Job working with disabled adults (junior year)</p>

<p>I am a Minnesota resident, if it makes any difference. </p>

<p>Thank you! :)</p>

<p>Keep it up. Good chance.</p>

<p>Thank you for your input!</p>

<p>You are in! Your GPA is great and your job working with disabled adults shows a lot of maturity. Keep up the good work and you're in!</p>

<p>Sounds a lot like my resume except yours is a bit better. I got in this year so you have a great shot! Just write some good essays and you should be pretty confident.</p>