Please Chance Me for Mount Holyoke Class of 2025!

Hi guys, the college application season is approaching and I’ll be applying to MOHO in ED1 for a Data Science major, which means it is my top school. This is what I have right now:


  • SAT: 1510
  • Planning to submit SAT Math Level 2, aiming for 770-780
  • Cumulative GPA (weighted): 3.73
    I spent 9th and 10th grade in Vietnam so all the courses I took in those 2 years were not weighted. I came to the U.S. starting from 11th grade and my 11th grade weighted GPA was 97.6, or 4.33 (I did make straight As in 11th grade).
  • By the time I submit my application, I only took 1 AP in 11th grade because tbh, I didn’t have any idea of AP classes and stuffs when I first came here.
  • I’m taking 3 APs in my senior year: AP Calc AB, AP Gov, AP Physics 1.
  • I went to a prestigious gifted high school in Vietnam and I’m now currently going to a small, private, christian school in Alabama.


  • Model UN: Core Team member, Member of ER Department
  • English Club: Vice President, Head of Media
  • Studying Abroad club: Marketing Assistant
  • Charity Club
  • Voluntary Interpreter for College Fairs in Vietnam
  • English & Writing Tutor at my current high school’s writing center.


  • Academic Excellence in American Literature II
  • Honor Rolls for both semesters in 11th grade
  • Second-Prize in English in School Academic Excellence Contest (back in VN)
  • Silver Medal in the National Math in English Contest (back in VN)
  • First Prize in Chess in School’s Sports Contest (back in VN)

I’m very nervous because MOHO is really a school that I want to commit to if I ever get in.