Please chance me for NYU ED and Boston Univserity ED (will rate back asap :D)

1980/2400 Superscore (Will retake)
1310/1600 (math 650 crit 660)

Gpa: 3.55 Unweighted, 3.8 Weighted
I show a huge improvement in my gpa
(Freshman year - 3.25 Sophomore Year 3.83 Junior year 4.2)


  • Won several awards in past 3 years
  • school president
    National Honors Society
  • Member for three years
    Future Business leaders of Amerca
  • Member for 3 years
    Free the Children
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
    Going to take the AP psychology, AP us history, and Ap English tests this year and take Math II and History Subject tests

For Boston, I will be applying to Questrom, for NYU I will apply for Stern

Thank you so much, I will rate back.

Your stats are in the ballpark for either school.
NYU is a bit more selective than BU overall. Maybe you can find detailed admission statistics specifically for their business programs somewhere on their sites.

Are you a Junior thinking about 2017 admission?
NYU’s EDI deadline was November 1; decisions may have come out by now. The EDII/RD deadline is January 1. If you’re talking about EDII for Fall 2016, you better get moving. Flip a coin if you cannot decide.

Sorry, yes I am a junior, thank you so much for your input.

I think you have a pretty good chance for BU but not quite as good for NYU. Id say BU is a high match and NYU is a low reach but your EC do look pretty good. Good Luck!

BU-high match
NYU-low reach