Please chance me for NYU

<p>I am an international student and I am a Freshman in US. I really like NYU. Could you guys please tell me my chances to get in and give me some suggestions on what to improve? </p>

<p>GPA: 4.08 I have got all As this year. Since this is my first year abroad, I only take one honor class :( I have taken Physics and Chemistry in my middle school. I will take Advance Chemistry ( a senior class in my school) And I am in Alg II (H) now( normally for sophomores) I wonder if that could help me on college applications. At my school, we don't have as much Aps. I could only take 6 of them. :( So my GPA might look like 4.1-4.2 in my senior year. </p>

<p>Rank: I don't really know my rank. But I know I have the top percentages for nearly every class. </p>

<p>EC: 30 hours this year. I will volunteer abroad in Summer for children issues. That might count for 60 hours. </p>

<p>I play golf. But I don't have any medals. I had acting experience( a main role in a small silly movie) Speech medal ( but in my first language)
I am in the math team at school. Hopefully, I will be the team leader at junior year.
Representative in community service club.
Division council member.</p>

<p>A question: will that matter if my school doesn't offer that much Aps? Only 9 Aps available:( I get a chance to transfer to a better school who has IB. Should I go?</p>

<p>Someone please please helps me!</p>

<p>NYU: Aim for 2100+/31+</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>At all of the college info sessions we attended, they were quick to point out that they view AP and IB as the same.</p>

<p>Make sure you study for your SAT/ACT.</p>

<p>Will that help if I become a full IB student?</p>

<p>I think that you shouldn’t stress too much about it, you still have three years between now and your college applications.</p>

<p>That said, getting into NYU:</p>

<p>Keep getting A’s, they’re looking for a GPA that is 90-100 (out of 100) or approximately a 3.7-4.0 (out of 4.0)
Ignore your weighted average, look at your actual average. Colleges don’t care about your weighted average, and they will convert it to unweighted when evaluating you. The weighted number means nothing outside of your high school, because different high schools weight differently.
Take challenging courses aka APs/IBs. If your school doesn’t have, think about self studying for as many as you can handle. Score well on these: 4s and 5s on APs.
Shoot for at least a 1900 SAT for NYU. Above a 2000+ gives you a better shot.
Take at least two SAT IIs (take two to three.) Shoot for scores of 700+.
Develop a good relationship with your teachers your junior year, for recommendations.
Get involved in some solid activities. Perhaps, ones that deal with your intended major. And help your community in a way that’s meaningful to you, this can be a differentiating factor for you when you apply.</p>

<p>I hope this advice helps! And keep in mind, that while NYU is a great school, there are other equally great schools out there. It comes down to fit, and finding a place where you can belong four years from now. Also bear in mind, NYU is not very generous with financial aid. As an international student, you would likely pay the full tuition(+other costs) ~$60,000, not accounted for the inflation that will likely happen over the next four years.</p>

<p>@ ericka19997</p>

<p>Just wanted to add to what I wrote above, if you do all those things, you’ll be a great candidate for not only NYU, but other phenomenal schools as well.</p>

<p>And, as a side note, colleges don’t care what you took in middle school. In fact, HS transcript wise, they focus most on the classes you take in your junior and senior years, since those reflect all of the classes you would have taken prior (or your overall prior knowledge base.) GPA they will look at overall, especially everything after your freshman year.</p>

<p>Thank you for your great advice! Is the leadership and community service a big part in colleges’ decisions? I am thinking to be a volunteer in Africa this summer. Will that help?</p>

<p>I hope you can afford NYU, since its Financial Aid is quite poor.</p>