Please Chance Me for PEA

I am a 9th grade Indian Male who is applying for 10th grade at PEA
I am not taking financial aid
My interviews and Essays were mediocre
I am taking Honors Pre-Calc, Ap chem,Ela 9,French 3, Graphic Design, and biology
I scored in the 99th percentile for PSAT
For my achievements
I got distinction in Pascal, got a certificate of Achievement, Third Place in the AMC along with a Honor roll for scoring in the top 5%, I got second place in the AMC 8 along with another honor roll for scoring in the top 5% , Distinction in the Fryer contest, I qualified for part two of the MMPC twice, I got a mention Honorable in Le Grand Concourse (a French speaking contest), I got a internship at Mobigesture, I am currently writing a series on technology that is going to get published, I got invited to Hats which is an event for the top 100 middle school scorers in the ACT/SAT in Michigan, I was invited to Gate which is a program for gifted students in middle school, I am on path to starting my own non-profit organization which can help a lot of people, I also started with a trading account worth $2500 and more that doubled it in 3 months, I helped my sister teach scratch programing to students in India

The biggest negative I have is my grades this year. I got 2 B’s due to covid and the rest are A’s

What to you guys think

In which subjects did you earn “Bs” ?

Ap chem and ELA

You only applied to PEA? On the last day? And spent all of an hour on writing the essay?

I have no idea what your chances are… But PEA isn’t the only school out there, and might not even be a great school for you.

Did you consider applying to Cranbrook? Why or why not?

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I did not know about BS till the last day

If M10 doesn’t work out for you, and you’re really interested in BS, start looking for schools that have “rolling admissions” - some schools are still taking applications.

Cranbrook, in Michigan, considers late applicants, space permitting.

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Okay will do

I hope that you are admitted to PEA as you are well qualified academically.

Do not stress out over your essay. If you spent one hour on the essay, then it should flow well & reflect your voice. (I have no idea why some applicants spend weeks or months writing an essay.)