Please chance me for Phillips Academy - applying for 11th grade

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>I am a Korean girl (I know, lots of Asian competitors), 16 years of age, and in my 11th grade. I will be re-doing my year this following 2012 year. I live in Portland, Oregon! I currently go to public school at Lincoln High School</p>

<p>Here's what I have:</p>

<li>A's in all of my classes (All IB classes as of now); These are a few classes I have taken/am taking:

<li>IB Pre-Calculus</li>
<li>IB Calculus</li>
<li>IB Physics</li>
<li>IB Biology</li>
<li>IB English</li>
<li>IB 20th Century History</li>
<li>Government/Economics (Constitution Team as replacement for Gov. credit)</li>
<li>IB Spanish</li>
<li>IB Anthropology</li>
<li>Photography (film/darkroom printing)</li>
<li>212 score on the PSAT</li>
<li>Sophomore class secretary</li>
<li>Junior class secretary</li>
<li>11 years of piano</li>
<li>8 years of violin</li>
<li>2 consecutive years as the concertmaster for Portland Youth Conservatory Orchestra</li>
<li>News Editor and later Editor in Chief for the Cardinal Times (school newspaper)</li>
<li>Founder and Club President for the Key Club at my school</li>
<li>Division 62 Secretary for Key Club International</li>
<li>Unit One of our school's Constitution Team (ignore this if you don't know what the We the People national competition is, but basically it is a very competitive team that only accepts 30 students out of the whole school)</li>
<li>Two years of Model United Nations</li>
<li>5 years of tennis; Junior Varsity Tennis</li>
<li>Lots and lots of dance! (no competition though); also golf and swimming (both for fun; these might be negligible when speaking about my application)</li>
<li>Internship for the Lung Cancer Division of the OHSU (largest hospital in Oregon)</li>
<li>Volunteer for two years at OHSU</li>
<li>In the summer after 8th grade, I took a three-week summer course at Johns Hopkins University (the CTY thing)</li>
<li>Keyboard/pianist for my church's Youth Group Praise Team! (Yay, love God!)</li>
<li>Avid photographer and singer (this is obviously for fun)</li>
<li>Mercy Corps Global Citizen Corps Leader</li>
<li>Fluent in Korean and English; and 5 years of Spanish (so almost fluent?)</li>

<p>Other schools I am applying to:
- Deerfield
- Choate
- Phillips Exeter
- Groton
- St. Paul's School</p>

<p>I have my interview with Phillips Andover tomorrow! Wish me luck. :) Thank you very much!</p>

<p>I'm sure that you already know that all of those schools are extremely selective, and often have few openings for 11th grade. You are an outstanding candidate, but admission to any of them is something of a gamble. Groton is so small that they simply might have no available slots (unless someone is kicked out or withdraws). I think many admissions officers might ask you why you want to repeat 11th grade when you are so accomplished already. I'd say your chances are as strong as anyone without varsity athletic prospects seeking 11th-grade admission.</p>