Please chance me for the Ivys, NYU, Northeastern and BU!

I am a junior from New York and an international student.
Recently I started worrying about my future haha. Just wondering my chances of getting in those school.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!
Here is some basic info of me.

Freshman: 3.8/4 (HK Internation School)
Sophomore: 3.6/4 Trimester1: 3.1/4 Trimester2: 3.7/4 Trimester3: 3.98/4
Junior: Trimester1: 4/4
Test Scores
PSAT 10: 131/240
PSAT 11: 1360/1520 Reading and English 600 Math 760
SAT: 2015 November 1810 CR 540 Math 710 Writing 560 (First try with 0 prep)

SAT: 2015 December 2150 CR 650 Math 780 Writing 720
Going to take SAT II Physics and Math level 2 in June
and the last old SAT on January
AP: Psychology (5) Micro (Self-studying) Macro (Self-studying) Physics 1&2 (Self-studying)

Captain of school varsity soccer team and my own team
School Newspaper VP
Jazz Band Member
Saxophone national (China) award
Swimming national (China) award
Guangzhou Waterpolo team member
Mensa International
FIFA 15 tournament top 4 in New York (Could have gone to Münich for the final)
Managing a public account about studying abroad on Wechat platform.

What’s my chance if I apply early decision for these schools?
Once again, any replies would be appreciated!

GPA and SAT scores are too low for ivies. Hard truth. Plus you’re Asian.

If you manage to get a 2250+ on the Jan SAT… maybe. But still, your GPA is below average for the Asian population.

Ivies - Reach
Northeastern, BU - High Match.
NYU - Match.

Are you a recruitable athlete? For swimming and water polo? Contacting a coach and getting support would greatLay increase your odds

For swimming I guess yes but not water polo, and I can play soccer in D3 I guess. Is there any D3 schools that u would recommend?