Please chance me for the University of Chicago - Biology major

ACT - 35
SAT - 2360
SAT Biology -800
SAT Math II - 800
SAT French - 780
UW GPA - 4
W GPA - 4.7
CR - 17/1000
Public school, Texas, Asian

9th grade
French III Honors - A
Health - A
English I Honors - A
Human Geography AP (5) - A
Geometry Honors - A
Orchestra - A
Biology Honors - A

10th grade
French AP (4) - A
English II Honors -A
World History AP(4) -A
Algebra II Honors - A
AP Computer Science (5) - A
Orchestra - A
Chemistry Honors - A

11th grade
English Lang AP (4) A
United States History A
Precalculus Honors A
Biology AP (5) A
Chemistry AP (5) A
Physics I AP (5) A
Orchestra A
12th grade
English Lit AP
Government AP/ Economics AP (Micro/Macro)
Calculus BC AP
Statistics AP
Physics C AP (Electricity/Mechanics)
Physical Education

Biology Olympiad //(President/Founder)
Science Olympiad //(Vice President) (Invasive Species, Microbe Mission, Disease Detectives)
Biology UIL //(President) (Texas Competition)
Key Club //Scrapbook committee// (Small Time Commitment)
French Club // Historian// (Small Time Commitment)
NHS (Small Time Committment)


  1. Research programs with professors and doctors. Papers in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, and Journal of Clinical Oncology.
    Paper in J. Infectious Disease was about predicting epidemics and disease spreading due to globalization.
    Paper in J. Clin. Oncology was about protein signaling of the immune response to cancer cells.
  2. USABO Semifinalist
  3. State medals in all three Science Olympaid events
  4. 3rd place in Biology UIL
  5. National Merit Finalist

Hospital volunteering - 300 hours over 4 years

Work experience
Wildlife photography - iStock

No hooks. Essays are going to be eh. Recs are all premade – large class sizes at my school, unmotivated teachers.

Reading over your information, everything looks great to me. However, this statement worries me. UChicago seems to value the essays a lot (even more so than a lot of other “elite” colleges seem to). Saying your essays are going to be “eh” is going to be a huge dsadvantage to your application and chances.