Please Chance Me for these Schools: Purdue, NCSU, RIT, UNC, Georgia Tech, V Tech

Yes - they are amazing values. But if you lived in Indiana or California or wherever, NC State is $46K and and UNC $55K. Alabama, for example, will be less than NC State and UNC if they are $25K.

You applied to many schools that if you think $40K is expensive, you’ll be unable to afford.


Usually in-state flagships are the cheapest, if you can get into their CS program. No need to go out of state.

Not sure how difficult it is in NC, but it is quite competitive to get into the CS program for UCs in CA. Hence a lot of students here apply out of state.


I have been paying $46K per year for my OOS child at Purdue, for the past 4 years. It’s not going lower.

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Curious to where your child lived? We’ve never paid more than $42K/year (less this year because our D opted to live a drive from campus and her rent is dirt cheap).

First year in a residence hall off 3rd Street, then 2 years in Cary, now living off-campus.

$46K is the figure that my wife gave me. But perhaps she’s just messing with me. :wink:

Or that number might be the OTHER out-of-state payment for tuition/fees/housing/meal plan that we have been making.

It all starts to run together, at some point. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t send a child there but I could see your wife getting to that #. COA = $41614. CS, for example, has a $2050 surcharge. Other majors and the Honors College have surcharges too. Pursue, when we toured, was actually the school that introduced me to a surcharge for engineering. Was $2k. I was astounded then found out it was common. My sons school gives you $2500 tho for a 30 ACT. lucky there !!

So if you take COA + $2k. Then housing, travel, and college costs more than they say due to all the Ubers, trips home, doctor visits of campus health isn’t sufficient, eating out, etc …perhaps your wife is overestimating but it could be possible.

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I just realized that our D is paying for a lot of her own “extras” - we don’t cover books, parking, club fees, etc… She was also never on the full meal plan. Meal plan probably makes a big difference!

Well, now you’ve got me really curious! I’ll check the bursar statements, and try to loop back to you.

I think you will get into NCSU and UNC. UNC-C gives you a good option too. I have known a few of my kids classmates who opted for UNCC over NCState.

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NCSU CS would be a great option despite them beating my Coogs in 1983.

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Absolutely. I would most likely attend if I am admitted. I also have a bunch of CC dual enrollment credits which will allow me to finish my degree there in 3 years along with a business minor. Really really hoping for the best.

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UNC is super hard for OOS but since he is instate UNC and NC state are both great options for the OP. UNC is still a jump ball but NC state should come through.

Just not sure why UNC is a jump ball. I have great stats, rigor, nearly everything is good. What makes you say that UNC is a jump ball for me?

UNC has a reputation as a tough admit for OOS and I’m simply assuming it’s harder than NC state. I have no special insight into the nuances of in state admissions.

I think you are panicking yourself for no reason.

You applied to a ton of schools - too many schools - and perhaps without researching.

You’ll hear about UNC and NC State soon enough. It doesn’t matter what you or we think. It matters what the admissions committee thinks.

If you get in, fantastic.

If you don’t, you’ve already gotten into some wonderful programs - and you have many more you applied to and you will get into many of those as well.

You are over stressing for no reason - you should take a break from the chat and go do something fun and relaxing.


Then why comment and scare the kid? His stats are great. He should get in UNC also.

I don’t think UNC is a jump ball. It’s not guaranteed, but I would think your chances are much higher than 50/50. I see no reason they wouldn’t admit you.

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Jump ball is simply a turn of phrase and I’m not suggesting probabilities.

“Jump ball” means “toss up” and UNC is not a toss up for an in-state student with his stats.

We are big on basketball here in North Carolina. North Carolinians are well aware of what “jump ball” means.


Then he can be at peace and certainly doesn’t require any affirmations from me.