Please Chance me for Vanderbilt?!

<p>Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
State: Texas
Graduating year: 2013</p>

<p>SAT Score: 2060 (CR: 720, M: 700, W: 640)
ACT Score: 31
Class Rank (as of May 2012): 13 out of 597- top 5% [this should improve as I received all A's junior year (3 AP classes & 2 Honors)]
GPA (as of May 2012): UW: 3.9545 W: 5.553 [again, both should improve with junior year's grades]
Major: Pretty much Undecided for now, choosing between Psychology, Business, & Social Sciences--plan on getting a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management</p>

JV Soccer (9-11)
Varsity Soccer (12)
JV Captain (10-11)</p>

<p>Clubs/Honor Societies
Spanish National Honor Society (10-12)
---President (12)
Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society (10-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)
Recycling Club (11-12)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
Competitive Traveling Soccer Team (9-10)</p>

World History- 5
I will receive scores for Spanish Language, US History, and English Language in the coming weeks, but I expect 4's and 5's.
Next year I will be taking:
Calculus AB
Human Geography (taking the class, may not end up taking the AP since Vandy doesn't give credit)
Micro/Macro Economics
English Literature
Spanish Literature
Environmental Sciences</p>

<p>I should have great teacher recs & will do well in an interview.</p>

<p>If you could just give me advice as to how much of a chance I have in getting into Vanderbilt I would really appreciate it. Also, just ask if you need more information on anything.
Thank you!</p>

<p>Your academic qualifications appear adequate, although your test scores are a bit low. Consider taking the SAT again since Vandy will superscore this test, but not the ACT. Your classes also seem overly weighted towards the Humanities. Be prepared to address in your application that you have not shied away from rigorous science and math classes.</p>

<p>Your ECs are exceedinly thin. Based on the information you provide, it sounds like you do little outside the classroom but play soccer. While varsity sports are certainly commendable, you should have other interests to be competitive. The exception of course, is if you are good enough to be a recruited athlete, in which case your entire application will be far stronger (be sure to contact Vandy’s head coach if this is the case). It is too late at this point to demonstrate a depth of involvement in new activities and you certainly do not want to start/sign up for a dozen new clubs just so you can list them on your application. But consider adding a couple activities that might have ties to things you can point to having participated in earlier in your high school career.</p>

<p>rmldad- thank you for your input.</p>

<p>-I would really appreciate it if some more people ould give me feedback!
Just a general question…would I have a better chance getting in if I applied for early decision?</p>

<p>Also, here are some awards I’ve received that I forgot in the original post
-Pre-AP English I Department Award (9th grade)
-Pre-AP Spanish III Department Award (10th grade)
-Academic Excellence (9-11)</p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>scores are a bit low. Consider retaking either ACT or SAT soon. It doesn’t appear that you have that many ECs. However, if you are truly dedicated to the clubs/soccer then definitely show that in your app. I think what you really have going for you is your GPA/grades. While someone did bring up a point about being very humanities-centered, I hope you did take challenging science/math courses. </p>

<p>I’m not sure how much ED would help you. I don’t think it would hurt though! :)</p>

<p>more insight would be greatly appreciated…
by the way, AP scores came in
Spanish Language- 5
AP US History- 5
English Language- 4</p>

<p>Picture the addmission advisor for TX with 1000 qualified students and only 200 spots to give out. If you had that job who would you want in your school and why? IMO they look at 4 main areas:

  1. Academics: grades/rank/AP classes/ test scores. You should work on improving your ACT and SAT.
  2. High school invilvement and leadership: They like president of…, captain of…, director of…, editor of… Find things you enjoy and get involved.
  3. Community service. They like to see kids use their skills to improve their schools and communities. Find what you are great at and get involved. They want kids that understand there is more to life than their AP calc. grade.
  4. A hook, unique skill or tallent.</p>

<p>Generic essay’s and let. of rec. will not cut it. Find teachers who will “fight for you” on your let. of rec. and talk about your character, how you make your school better, what your peers and teachers think about you, etc…
Schedule practice interviews before the Vandy one to get comfortable with the process. Good luck!</p>