Please Chance me! I will chance back!

<p>Hey guys, I'm currently a senior graduating this year! I am seeking to major in biomedical engineering or civil engineering, though I'm leaning more towards biomedical. I only applied to in-state schools because I just can't give anymore stress to my parents with out-of-state tuition. Please be honest </p>

<p>I applied to the following schools (from the top being my 1st choice and the bottom being my last):</p>

<p>UNC Chapel Hill
NC State
UNC Charlotte
UNC Asheville</p>

<p>In-State and Asian
GPA: UW-3.9 Weighted-4.6
Rank: 5/89
ACT: 29 (Eng-31, Math-31, Read-26, Sci-27)
SAT: Too ashamed to tell XD Did not send it.</p>

-Durham Regional Hospital Volunteer (200 hours)
-Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer (Junior and Senior Year)
-Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator of National Honor Society
-Senior Secretary and Sophomore Class Representative for Student Government
-Yearbook Club Photographer
-Science Club Member (Freshmen and Sophomore Year)
-Math Tutor (Junior and Senior Year)
-UNC Project Uplift (IDK if this will improve my chances for UNC Chapel Hill)</p>

-Excellence in Alg II Certificate (Basically all the excellence awards are for getting the highest grades in my whole class grade)
-Excellence in Pre-Calc Certificate
-Excellence in Biology Certificate
-Excellence in Eng IV Certificate
-Supertindent Award (twice)
-Mayor's Award (Volunteering over 100 hours over the summer)</p>

<p>Other Requirements (For Chapel Hill)
-Teacher Rec- Teacher loves me! I was her best and favorite student every year
-Counselor Statement- Most likely a good and memorable statement about me. I am one of the most notable students in the school
-Essays: Very Personal! Had it looked over by a english college professor and english high school teacher.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate if you see me as a low target, match, safety, low match, etc for each school.</p>

<p>Thanks you guys! :) Oh and I will definitely chance back!</p>

<p>GPA is good. ACT scores are decent. Whatever college you're applying to will mostly look at your Math, English, and Reading sub-scores, rather than Science, so you should be good there. EC's look solid, and so does your high school curriculum.
Chapel Hill - high match/low reach
UNC Charlotte - in
UNC Asheville - match
NC State - match</p>

<p>Good luck! Chance me back, please! <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks Milan! I'll chance ya back!</p>

<p>Chapel Hill - probably a good match, but depending on your essays it could be a low reach
UNC Charlotte - definitely in
UNC Asheville - match school for you
NC State - match (my friend is applying there!)</p>

<p>you have great awards, gpa, and rank. also, all of those schools are way harder on out-of-state applicants, so thats a really big bonus for you that you're instate. i'd say you have pretty good chances of getting into all of them! chance me back please
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<p>Thanks mysterious.</p>

<p>May I ask why State is not more of a Safety school for me? My ACT score is above the 75th percentile according to collegeboard.</p>

<p>Any other chances?</p>

<p>UNC Chapel Hill- low reach/high math
NC State- in
UNC Charlotte- in
UNC Asheville- in</p>

<p>Good grades, ECs, etc. I don't think your ACTs will stop you from getting into chapel hill</p>

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