Please chance me! I'll chance back.

<p>Please chance me for the following schools:</p>

<p>UPenn ED
Chapel Hill EA
Uni of Miami EA</p>

<p>I will be presenting my information in the same way it would appear on my Common App. </p>

<p>*Future Plans *
-Intended Major: Pre-med/Biology</p>

<p>*Applicant *
-Residing in Florida</p>

<p>*Demographic Information *
-US Citizen - 10 years living in US
-Lived 7 years in Yerevan, Armenia
-Can speak, write, and read Armenian, Spanish, and Russian
-White - Other - Armenian</p>

<p>*Family *
-Parents separated (no contact with noncustodial father since 2001)
-Both parents did not attend college
-Mother is a single mom with $30,000 annual salary
-My grandparents live with and depend on my mother</p>

<p>*Education *
-Public high school
-Class size: 450</p>

<p>*Academics *
-Class rank: 1/450
-Weighted GPA: 4.9138
-Unweighted GPA: 4.0</p>

<p>-SAT Scores:
-->Total - 2250
-->CR - 680
-->M - 790
-->W - 780</p>

<p>-SAT Subjects:
-->Math Lvl 2 - 800
-->US History - 700</p>

<p>-AP Tests
-->US History - 5
-->Calculus BC - 5
-->Calculus AB Subscore - 5
--> Macroeconomics - 5
--> European History - 5
--> Statistics - 4
--> English Language - 4
--> Microeconomics - 4
--> Human Geography - 4</p>

<p>-Expected IB Tests/Year's Course-load
--> Mathematics HL
--> Biology HL
--> American History HL
--> English HL
--> Chemistry SL
--> Spanish SL
--> Theory of Knowledge</p>

<p>-Honors and Awards
--> Questbridge Finalist
--> National AP Scholar
--> National Honor Society
--> Spanish National Honor Society
--> 1st Place at District Math Olympiad
--> 2nd Place at District Division 5 Singles Championship; Tennis; 11th grade
--> 2nd Place in Technical Problem Solving at Florida Science Olympiad State Competition
--> 1st Place in Team Trivia at District Science Competition
--> 1st Place in Powers of Observation at District Science Competition
--> 1st Place in Write It! Do It! at District Science Competition
--> Most Improved Player Award; Tennis; 11th grade</p>

<p>*Activities *
-->Varsity Tennis (2nd place at district championship)
-->Varsity Golf
-->High School Swimming
-->Hospital Volunteering; Assisted patients and nurses, watched surgeries performed by a robotic surgeon; over 100 community service hours
-->National Honor Society; Vice President (2011-2012), Treasurer (2010-2011); Organized canned food drives, raised money for Haiti, volunteered at local nursing home; about 100 community service hours
-->Engineering Club; won 1st place awards in 3 regional competitions; 2nd place award in 1 state
-->Teen Court Program; took jury and attorney roles; helped decide the punishments for teens who committed misdemeanors; about 40 community service hours
-->Spanish National Honor Society; Treasurer (2011-2012); volunteer activities centered around local nursing home; about 20 community service hours
-->National BETA Club; Vice President (2011-2012); Organized Pasta for Pennies event, ran school activities; about 50 community service hours
-->Math Olympiad Club; Chosen as olympiad participant; 1st place team in the region
-->Piano Keyboard; Taught myself to play in my spare time
-->Cashier at Restaurant; Worked to supplement mother's income
-->Interact Club; promoted diversity and international cultures; about 10 community service hours
-->Armenian Church; I have been teaching myself piano to help out occasionally with music during mass
-->A Gift for Teaching; Distribute donated school supplies to teachers in need; about 20 community service hours
-->Mill Creek Elementary; Tutor and interact with kids during their extended day program; about 20 community service hours</p>

<p>*Writing *
-Short Answer: Good
-Personal Essay: On my trip to the US; Great; Revised about 10 times with college prep adviser</p>

<p>*School Forms *
-Recommendation 1: IB Biology HL teacher; Personal, Great
-Recommendation 2: IB English HL teacher, Tennis Coach (since 2008); Personal, Great
-Counselor Recommendation: New counselor to school, probably generic, based it off an interview with me</p>

<p>*Supplement (for Penn) *
-Why Penn Essay: Creative situation where I'm a surgeon looking back at my years at Penn; Great; revised about 6 times with college prep adviser
-Optional Essay: On my first day of school in the US (no English); Great; Revised about 3 times with college prep adviser</p>

<p>*Supplement (for Chapel Hill) *
-Essay on failure - Decent</p>

<p>*Supplement (Miami) *

<p>You're looking pretty strong. The only problem I see is with your essays. On the common application form, it says for you to use the same essay on all your college applications, unless otherwise stated so by the college you're applying to.</p>

<p>I did use the same Common App Essay on all my applications. The supplemental essays are just different because each school has their own prompt. Thanks :)</p>

<p>UPenn- Low/Mid Reach
Chapel Hill- In
University of Miami- In </p>

<p>Good luck :)</p>

<p>UPenn ED - low reach/high match
Chapel Hill EA - safety
Uni of Miami EA - safety</p>

<p>not applying for special programs?
the math competitions seem to be the biggest highlights of your ECs, although nothing especially sticking out.</p>

<p>Alright, just wanted to make sure you didn't slip up =X. Good luck on getting accepted!</p>

<p>Pretty solid I say. All except Penn, I believe are shoe-ins. Penn is ivy league, and much of the acceptances into an ivy league can be pretty random at times. Not being a natural-born may make it harder for you considering ivy leagues like Penn have higher expectations for internationals and foreigners. But your stats, I think, are competitive enough, so consider Penn a mid-reach.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies guys. I've been hearing lately that Penn puts a lot of weight on essays. Hopefully they enjoy mine :/</p>

<p>U Penn : Reach
Chapel Hill: Low Match
Miami: high Safety</p>

<p>UPenn: Low reach
Chapel Hill: Match
Miami: Safety</p>

<p>Chance back?
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Upenn - Reach (GPA's great but I'm not convinced that that many ECs will look good)
Miami - Safety
CH - Match </p>

<p>Thanks for chancing.</p>