Please chance me! I'll chance back

Hello! I’m a rising senior at #2 public high school in my state. If you chance me, I’ll chance back!

Weighted GPA is a 4.06 and my unweighted GPA is a 3.84
ACT is 29


  1. President of GSA (11th and 12th grade elected president, GSA 9-12)
  2. Head student costumer for school’s theater company (11th and 12th was elected, will have done 11 total shows)
  3. Journalism 9-12 (Photo editor 10-11, A&E Editor 12)
  4. Member of town’s health advisory committee (11th and 12th grade)
  5. National Honor Society (11th and 12th grade)
  6. Dance (10th-12th)
  7. Foreign exchange in Montreal for a month (summer going into 12th)
  8. Intern and now a speaker for LGBT+ and ally rights group (summer going into 12th and beyond)
  9. Community service trip to New Orleans (10th)

Departmental awards for French (2), Journalism, and Theater
Class awards for English and Mathematics (2)

Bowdoin College (Won’t be sending ACT)
Clark University (Won’t be sending ACT-will be applying early action)
Colby College
Connecticut College (Won’t be sending ACT)
George Washington University (Won’t be sending ACT)
Kenyon College
McGill University
Middlebury College
University of Richmond
Tulane University
College of William and Mary

I’m a tri-citizen
I’ve been concussed for most of high school

Oh, I took APUSH and received a 4

I’m not going to chance you for the colleges you aren’t sending your ACT to because I truly have no idea how that works.

Colby College: Reach
Kenyon College: Reach
McGill: Canadian university which has different requirements for each field of study, too hard to chance but I would say high reach
Middlebury College: High reach
Richmond: Low reach
Tulane: Low reach
W&M: Low reach

I would really suggest retaking the ACT or trying the SAT if possible. It cant hurt to try it again or something different.

Middlebury is definitely a reach, but not unrealistic, and Id say colby is a low reach.

Have you ever considered BU? I think it might be a good match for you.

Good job on taking advantage of test-optional schools. I second the idea of retaking the ACT for your other schools.

Bowdoin is a reach for everyone. The other test-optionals should be low match/safeties.

Mainly because of your test score, I agree with the first chance above.

Good luck!

Chance me?

I agree, BU would fit you real well. Wonderful school, wonderful resources, wonderful city. Sources: I lived in boston 7 years and my brother goes to BU. But Middlebury, Bowdoin, and Colny are definitely reaches.

Also defintely try and get a tutor or something for the ACT and take it again