PLEASE CHANCE ME??? (International)


<p>I am thinking of business major as an international student
BC Caroll,Brigham Young, U of Indiana-B, Michigan AA (hopefully Ross but...)
NYU Stern, UNC-ChapelHill(they only pick 1% international), UT-A McComb

<p>SAT 1 1970:CR: 540 M:800 WR:630 (9) (hopefully i can get over 2100 by November)
SAT 2: Math 2C:760 Chem: 700 Korean 800 (99.9999% guarantee)
GPA 95.3/100 UW Class Rank not provided but expecting top 5% (specifically 3%)
Catholic School in Boston with approx 150-170 students in my class
NO AP SCORES before the application, but 4 AP in my senior year(Stat,BC CAL,Chem,Econ)
+7 honors class
Work Experience : 2008 Tokyo BigFoot International Statoinary Exhibition Korean-English Translator (4days)
Service Hours: School Tutor - 60-70 hours
Korean School - 200+hours
other small services-30 hours
Beatbox (6yrs) twice in scholl talent show + Top 16 in Daum Korean Online Beatbox Championship
Math Club 3yrs (OK scores in AMC)
Model UN 1yr
Spoken English 3yrs
Ping Pong 3 yrs
Soccer Varsity Team Manager- 2yrs
Soccer Freshmen Team Assistant Coach-1yr</p>

<p>So my questions are...
1.What are my chances with the schools stated above?
2. Any other schools you might recommend?
3. Things I should work on(SAT, GPA etc)?</p>

<p>thank u guys</p>

<p>Please, if you're Korean, don't insult the colleges by taking the Korean SATII!!</p>

<p>That's what i thougt about SATII Korean but recently
i've been finding several articles saying that even though u r a Korean
it is beneficial to take SAT Korean (according to admission office of UC schools)
I might try for chinese but i cant see myself scoring over 600 in that test...</p>