Please chance me, it would be greatly appreciated :)

<p>At the moment I'm a junior in high school, so I'm still in the process but please let me know if you think I'm on the right track for Yale :) Thank you!</p>

<p>Californian Caucasian female from an accredited and competitive public high school. I am not first generation college student but am first generation american (though that probably doesn't make a difference)</p>

<p>Current year GPA so far:
UW- 3.9
W- 4.3</p>

<p>This year (junior) I'm taking:</p>

<p>Ap English
Ap Art History
Ap studio art: painting/drawing
Honors Pre-calculus
U.S. History</p>

<p>For my senior year:
AP Economics/ Honors Gov
AP 2D art
AP Calculus
Honors English
3D Modeling</p>

<p>My major of interest is Architecture ( I'm going for the program).</p>


<p>Tae Kwon Do: 11 years, 2nd degree black belt (may be a 3rd by the time I apply)
An Assistant Instructor at said tkd school
Regular volunteer at SFMoMA
Delegate of Junior Statesmen of America
Member/representative of Nordstrom BP Fashion Board</p>

<p>( I've done smaller things too like attending a 3 days of fashion seminar at FIDM in my 'I want to be a wedding dress designer" phase amd whatnot but not sure if those would really add)</p>

<p>I know my ECs aren't on the higher end of the spectrum, but I'm going to be really boosting them up. I plan on volunteering at my city's arts education center regularly, I will be applying for a summer internship for exhibition design at the MoMA (I hope I get it!), I'm planning on starting a charity organization, possibly joining the track team at my school (I've been wanting to for a while but my tkd schedule wouldn't allow for it, but it recently changed a bit so I might be able to) and some more.</p>

<p>My main thing is tae kwon do right now, what else do you guys suggest on doing to help prepare myself better? </p>

<p>I haven't taken SAT yet but from some previous testings I can expect anywhere from a 2100 to 2300.</p>

<p>more personal wise (just because):</p>

<p>I'm an avid sewer, painter, re-upholsterer (I take up some interesting hobbies), reader, and I enjoy gardening.</p>

<p>I like to take life in strides, not the type to pull my hair out over things, but more of the type who researches the hell out of things I'm interested in. I'm well rounded in the fact that I have a talent for art, am physically/sports-wise active, and a lover of academics (I've done surprisingly well in science earning some of the top scores in my class), and just enjoy life in general.</p>

<p>So in the end to wrap it all up, what things should I add in to get me more on the right track and pump all of this up? Thank you so much!</p>