Please chance me - junior (please ignore my previous post)

<p>So, I cut down my original post as much as I could... Anyway:</p>

<p>Hello, there. Will someone please chance me and maybe suggest a few other options for me? This is the first time that I've done this, so please excuse me If I’m not doing this right or some information is irrelevant; I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing haha </p>

<p>Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.80
WGPA: 4.71
IB Diploma Candidate; no rank
SSL: 216 hours (& steadily growing!)
Major interests: English, Spanish, music; female; white; 1st gen. student.</p>

<p>PSAT scores (I haven't taken SAT yet)
Math: 58, Writing: 71, Reading: 71
Total: 200
Projected SAT: 2000 (but I hope to up my math & get my CR/W up to 800s)</p>

<p>AP Scores (I know - not stellar scores, but AP didn't really fit me very well.):
AP NSL: 3, AP USH: 3</p>

<p>Classes & semester grades:
Honors Algebra 1a/b - A, A
Hon. Spanish 1a/b - A, A
Hon. Spanish 2a/b - A, B</p>

<p>Freshman year:
Pre-IB English 9a/b - A, A
Pre-IB Geometry a/b - B, B
Pre-IB Biology a/b - A, A
Pre-IB Spanish 3a/b - A, A
Hon. Treble Choir a/b - A, A
AP United States History a/b - A, A
Gym a/b - A, A</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
Pre-IB English 10a/b - A, A
Honors Algebra 2a/b - A, B
Pre-IB Chemistry a/b -A, B
AP Government a/b - B, B
Hon. Chamber Choir a/b - A, A
Hon. Symphonic Band a/b - A, A
Hon. Spanish 4a/b - A, A
Foundations of Technology a/b - A, A
Health - A</p>

<p>Junior year so far (second semester classes are the same):
IB Spanish 5a HL - B
IB English 1a HL - A
Hon. Chamber Choir - A
IB History 1 HL - A
IB Chemistry a SL- A
Hon. Pre-Calc a - B
IB Theory of Knowledge 1 - A</p>

<p>For my senior year I plan on taking:
IB English 2 HL a/b
IB Spanish 6 HL a/b
Hon. Chamber Choir a/b
IB Music SL a/b
IB History 2 HL a/b
IB Theory of Knowledge
IB Math Studies SL a/b</p>

<p>My plan is to achieve straight A's for the rest of high school. This past semester I found out that I have a benign pituitary tumor that has been messing with some of my hormone levels & has been giving me massive headaches. As a result, first semester was fairly difficult, hence the B's. Hopefully, this semester will be much easier to manage, & my grades will improve. </p>

<p>My activities:</p>

<li>IB Class of 2013 Delegate (2012-2013) - Myself & 4 other IB 2013 students act as a liaison b/w the teachers & students.</li>
<li>Eagle Ambassadors (2011-2012) - "Welcoming committee" of the school. We help out at many school events & organize service projects.<br></li>
<li>Game Station Leader for GSCNC (2011) - We held an outdoor games event for children</li>
<li>I used to be a girl scout from 2000 to 2007. I earned my Bronze Award.</li>
<li>MCPS Choir Festival volunteer (2011)</li>
<li>School Main Office Aide (2010-2011)</li>
<li>Spanish tutor (2010 - Present)</li>
<li>Black Eyed Susan Book Club Representative at Freshman Orientation (2010)</li>
<li>American Association of University Women (AAUW) Used Book Sale Volunteer (2010)</li>
<li>Summer Reading Program Volunteer at county library (2009)</li>
<li>Volunteer Assistant Instructor at a karate place (2008)
Honors, Awards, & Memberships:</li>
<li>2011-2012 National English Honor Society </li>
<li>2011-2012 National Honor Society</li>
<li>3X Honor Roll Award (2011)</li>
<li>Superior Performance in 10th Grade English Award (2011)</li>
<li>Soaring Eagle Award (2011)</li>
<li>National Society of High School Scholars Member (2010-2012)</li>
<li>Straight A’s quarter 2 (2010)</li>
<li>2010 Most Outstanding Freshman Award</li>
<li>Superior Performance in 9th Grade English (2010)</li>
<li>Outstanding Science Student (2010)</li>
<li>3x Honor Roll (2010)</li>
<li>“May Tributes” – Student Tribute nominated by a teacher (2010)</li>
<li>Straights As quarters 1 & 3 (2009-2010)</li>
<li>Academic Honor Roll 2000 – 2012</li>
<li>Key Club (Member) 2011 - 2012 </li>
<li>Sew Cool (Member) 2011 – 2012 - We sew quilts & other objects to donate to charity.</li>
<li>Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) (Member 2009-12, Co-Pres. 2010-12)</li>
<li>PTSA Take Your Family to School Week 2011 Book Club & The 22nd National African American Read-In (member)</li>
<li>Black Eyed Susan Book Club 2009-2012</li>

In-School Sonnet Contest 1st place winner 2009-2010
Recently joined my the Newspaper Club at my school</p>

My high school’s JV Girls Soccer Team (2009 fall season & 2010 fall season)
Soccer (2001-2012) (Currently MSI Classic Division 2 U-19 team)
Karate (2001-2008) (Black Belt earned 3/17/2007)</p>

9th grade - Treble Choir - 1st at festival, went to states!, sang on PBS "Celebrate America" program with Tim Janice; Concert Choir
10th - 11th grade - Chamber Choir - We do a winter tour, sing at school events, community events, county events, and have represented Maryland at the MENC Eastern Division Conference. We get 1's at festival; Concert Choir - 1st place at Music in the Parks 2011, gets 1's and 2's at festival; I also went on a trip to Hawaii in Dec. 2011with choir to sing for the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings.
Maryland All State Women's Choir (2012)
High School Symphonic Band (2010-2011) - Unofficial score of a 2 at the County Festival. I was also third chair flute.
I also play 3 instruments and am learning how to play 4 others.</p>

<p>Current list of schools that have sort of peeked my interest:
- University of Maryland -College Park
- St. Mary's College of MD
- Cornell
- Bard
- Brown
- Oberlin
- William & Mary
- Sarah Lawrence (my aunt went here - count for anything?)
- Rutgers
- Bryn Mawr
- Columbia (my other aunt went here - count for anything?)
- Williams
I am aware that some of these are more than likely extreme reaches. </p>

<p>In terms of college suggestions, I'm not religious, so I'd prefer a non-religious school. I also would prefer a small school. I don't really care about location.</p>

<p>Sorry this is so long! Thank you for reading & responding! It is very much appreciated!</p>


<p>Bump... Could someone please chance me?</p>

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