Please Chance Me (Junior)?

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White</p>

- AP Calculus BC
- AP Chemistry
- AP English Lang
- AP US History</p>

<p>Test Scores
SAT - 2160: 800M, 740W (9 essay), 620 CR
AP World History - 3
Junior PSAT 217</p>

- UW: 3.35
- W: 4.05</p>

- Played saxophone for 3 years, section leader in marching, concert, and jazz bands
- Environmental Awareness Club for 2 years
- Varsity Quiz, 2 years (captain for 1). Made it to the state finals match
- Junior Classical League for 2 years
- Nevada Boys' State
- Attendant of the Las Vegas Sun Youth Forum
- National Honor Society - Member Representative
- Founder and President of Forensics Club
- Local Chemistry Olympiad Champion, future participant in the NChO
- Internship at the World Affairs Council of Las Vegas
- Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Three Square Food Bank
- National Merit Semifinalist (at least)</p>

<p>I'm looking to major in Economics and minor in Political Science. I just want to know which schools to apply to. These are on my list:</p>

Michigan State

<p>How many of these are out of the question? I just had a really awful end of sophomore/beginning of junior year, both academically and personally. I honestly can improve my GPA to ~3.6 and my SAT to 2250+ by the end of junior year. In addition to chancing, if you could, can you suggest other schools in the field of economics/political science that would be good fits? Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>I think that you’ll get into most of these schools- Stanford, Columbia, and UChicago might be a bit of a reach, though. Those schools expected high unweighted GPA and SAT scores 2250+.</p>

<p>Can you chance me?</p>

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<p>Stanford: Reach
U Chicago: Reach
Columbia: Reach
Berkeley: Reach (what’s your UCGPA?)
UMI: High match
MSU: Safety
UNLV: Safety
UNR: Safety</p>

<p>I’ll have to get an updated transcript. Thank you though. Are there any other matches you can suggest? They’re all safeties or reaches, it seems.</p>

<p>a 3.35 unweifghted gpa is very low for UofM. definitely a reach as well.
i’m in the same boat as well haha. I have a 3.5 UW and a 2330 SAT and I don’t think I’ll get in.</p>

<p>What if I got it up to around a 3.6? It’s possible for me.</p>

<p>How do u ave a 3.3 weighted and a 4.05 weighted??? I have 3.7 weighted 4.0 weighted</p>

<p>Well we have 8 classes at my school (I personally have 9), and six are AP. maybe that’s it.</p>

<p>U got a chance at Berkley</p>

<p>I just got an updated transcript. My GPA’s a 3.5. Hopefully that changes some things.</p>