Please chance me! RD Fall '11

<p>GPA: 3.9 UW, 4.3 W
ACT: 30 (w/ writing) 31 (w/out)
Rank: top 4% of 520ish
Senior class load: AP Government, AP Lit, AP Micro, Honors Communications, Honors Sociology, another random English class (all one semester long...I graduated early to do an internship @ Nebraska legislature)</p>

<p>Extra-curriculars: tons of awards/leadership positions from speech/debate, jazz/pep/marching/concert band for a couple years, I live on a farm/raise unconventional animals, NHS, campaign work, a ton of comm service through church, Key Club, French Club
Geographic location: midwest
Parents income: high</p>

<p>And if I do have a chance of getting in, what do you think about merit-based scholarship opportunities?</p>

<p>Your grades sound a lot like mine except I had a 3.55UW and a 4.25W, I applied Early and was accepted into the honors program this year... So I really think you have a good chance of getting in and even with a good scholarship! Good Luck!</p>