Please chance me! Thanks!

<p>Hi, I applied to USC for Regular Decision. For my first semester senior year, I received an A-, A-, A-, A-, and B- in all AP classes to give me a GPA of 5.8/6.0 (Honors/AP Scale) and a cumulative GPA of 4.95/5. I was wondering what you think my chances are. The GPA stats below do not reflect my first semester of senior year. Any input is appreciated. Thanks again.</p>

<p>[ *] ACT: 27
[ *] GPA (out of 5.0): 4.833
[ *] Senior Year Course Load: AP Calculus AB, AP Psychology, AP English IV, AP Spanish IV, AP Environmental Science, Physical Education
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Student Government, National Honors Society, Athlete's Committed to Excellence, Principal's Student Advisory Council, Volleyball, Soccer
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: Church and Forest Preserve
[ *] Summer Activities: People to People Leadership Program
[ *] Essays: well-written
[ *] Teacher Recommendation: very good
[ *] Counselor Rec: good
[ *] State: Illinois
[ *] School Type: Public, Competitive
[ *] Ethnicity: Asian
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] Income Bracket: greater than $100,000</p>

<p>Can anyone help me?</p>

<p>I'm not very sure but I would say it would be a bit of a reach. Because it seems like a 27 on the ACT isn't very high. And also you EC don't seem very compelling. Others can correct me if I'm wrong.</p>

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<p>The above link shows last year's (Fall 2011 entering) profile. I'll estimate that your UW GPA on a 4.0 scale is about 3.75-3.85.</p>


<p>GPA: Average
ACT: Well below 25th%-tile
EC: Average
Comm Svc: Average
Essays/Recs: Average
State: Moderately popular
Ethnicity: Over-represented (i.e., heavy competition)</p>

<p>Excluding your ACT, your profile is 'average' for SC. That's not a knock, it's an acknowledgment of the competition you're up against. In a normal (23% admit rate) I'd say you'd be in a 'reachy' position. Your ACT score turns USC into a bigger reach. Add in the unknown of the likely larger applicant pool due to the CommonApp switch and it's hard to be too optimistic. You have a chance but you should be mentally prepared for other options.</p>

<p>Although it's late in the game, you should consider re-taking the ACT and take a test prep course.</p>