Please chance me. (this is my dream school)

<p>Hi, I’m thinking of applying to BU and Northeastern . I would like to know my chances</p>

<p>16 year old hispanic female, living in puerto rico. (ive only been living here for 3 years, im from new york)
SAT scores:1610 (i know its bad but i had a major distraction during the test, i know i can get a 1900 minimum)</p>

<p>No AP classes because they dont have them in PR
Top 10% of my school
On honor roll</p>

<p>In national honor society, president of 4h club
Member of enviornmental club, in school play</p>

<p>90 hours (and possibly more) of community service
Tutoring elementry school kids
Volunteering with pre school kids
Volunteering with church organization
Interned for 2 summers at christian retreat center in costa rica. </p>


<p>What do you think my chances are? Also, im 16 because i skipped a grade. Will my age affect anything?</p>

<p>251 views and no answers? :(</p>

<p>My 2 cents are that there is a big gap between your gpa and your sat. Get that sat up and you are def good. Maybe without it but it will make them wonder. All else seems good. They can’t expect AP if your school doesnt have them but grades are very good.</p>