Please Chance me! UNC OOS

<p>Out of state Regular Decision - I live in South East Asia</p>

<p>I have legacy, my brother graduated a year ago, he was on the Dean's list. BTW, does legacy play a role in UNC admissions?</p>

ACT: 32
English: 29
Mathematics: 33
Reading: 31
Science: 34
Essay: 9
Unweighted GPA: 3.7/4.0
Rank: Top 15%
IB Exam Scores: 6 in Standard Physics
Overall predicted IB grades: 39
Senior course load:
-IB Higher Level 2 History
-IB Higher Level 2 English
-IB Higher Level 2 Economics
-IB Higher Level 2 Spanish
-IB Standard Level 2 Mathematics
Awards: Outstanding Mathematics Student (10th grade)</p>

- Grassroots Soccer club working with Nike's Inspi(red) program to increase aware for and raise funds to alleviate the problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa. The club also raises funds to put a group of impoverished children through twelve years of school.
- Human Rights club, aims to solve problems regarding human rights violations in my region (South East Asia)
- Did a microfinance internship in 2010 during which I learned and participated in helping a corporation make a difference in my community through small loans (microfinance) given to impoverish women.
- A bunch of other social service
- I'm currently learning Hindi</p>

School type: Private, very competitive school. Has produced a handful of 45 IB students (perfect score) in the last couple of years.
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: $100,000+
Hooks: Really stressing my multicultural lifestyle. I think UNC prides itself on diversity so I'm playing on that.</p>

Strengths: Essays, recommendations, test scores, multicultural nature of my life, legacy??</p>

<p>Weaknesses: I'm Asian? and my GPA isn't that great.</p>

<p>Please chance me guys, I've heard so many great things about UNC and it would be an honor to go to college there.</p>

<p>You look good, although keep in mind that it's very difficult to get in if you don't live in North Carolina. I think you have a great shot though.</p>

<p>It's really hard to get in out of state, but I think you've done everything you can to make yourself a great candidate.</p>