Please chance me? Upcoming senior !!!

Hello, I am going into my senior year and I have no idea what my chances are with some schools. I have a 3.54 weighted GPA and in my school that is basically an A- average and I have no idea what that is unweighted because my school doesn’t do that. I have taken all honors and AP since freshman year besides English. (CP English all years). I am in the top 25% of my class.(Not entirely sure what my rank is). I am going to list my EC’s and other stuff that I do and that might play a factor.

EC’s and activities
1.Varsity soccer (all 4 years)
2.Varsity basketball (all 4 years)
3.Varsity track and field ( Since I joined; jr year… also broke a 4x1 school record)
4.Volunteer at a girls Basketball Camp (9-12th grade)
5.PALS program- helping students around school… passed an interview to make it into club)
6.Teen Freedom (club … volunteer work)
7.National Honor Society (inducted junior year… good grades and leadership skills)
8.Art Honor Society ( inducted junior year… good grades in art… volunteer work and projects)
9.Referee for Recreational Soccer League
10. Class officer for the Class of 2017; Public Communications officer
11. Volunteer at the Library
12. Homeroom Representative ( student government)

I also plan on volunteering in a hospital this fall.

A little bit about myself… I go to a decent and predominantly white high school in NJ. I am a black female. I am first generation born in America… Both my parents were born and raised in Nigeria. However, they both went to college. ( St. Johns University and Pace university… therefore, I will not be the first to go to college) I have 2 brothers, one who is in college (going into sophomore year). Family income used to be above 100,000, but now it is much less than since my father opened up his own business.

My list of schools at the moment:
Umass Amherst
Stony brook
rowan (safety)
seton hall
Syracuse or st johns

I took the new SAT and my score was poor so I am tsking classes so I can retake in the fall
Superscore 1170: reading 560 math 610 essay was 7,5,7

Oh yeah please list school that you think might suit me as well !!!

If you get SAT up to 1250+ you can get into all these universities. However, since your SAT is below a 1200, I think that your chances at rutgers and towson are ok. You should be able to get into temple, pace, rowan, st john, and seton hall. Work your butt off to get above a 1200, those 30 points could be huge.

@jtyats1114 thank you so much! And yes I’m praying for a good increase in October

adding Fordham to the list because I received a free application… also bump because I hope more people comment

I’ll agree with jtyats1114 that your SAT score is holding you back a bit.

But an application is more than just scores. You have a lot of EC’s but is there something you are particularly passionate about? Colleges need to know the sincerity of your interests (especially if you have an intended major). What do you wish to study in college?

Also, you should probably think about paying for college. The private ones you listed are not known for giving out a lot of grants, and some of the publics will not give you much either if you are applying out-of-state (the out-of-state tuition costs are normally higher, as well).