Please chance me! Use high/low reach, match and safety!

<p>8th grade/Freshman year
Final Average: 98.76 (unweighted)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
All honors courses
***Self studied for AP world and got a 5!!!</p>

<p>Average: 97.4 (unweighted)</p>

7 years of basketball including Modified 2 yrs (Captain), Freshman, JV- co-captain, Will play Varsity next 2 years
12 years of softball including Modified 2 yrs (Captain, won impact player award), 2 yrs JV (won ideal teammate award), unsure of varsity
Member of LEO club, Peer tutoring, Asset Leaders, French NHS... School involvement plus about ~2 hrs a week of community service through these clubs
Volunteer as a hospice house grocery shopper for past year, 2 hrs every other week
Summer job at YMCA camp (32 hours a week)</p>

<p>I am also expecting to have an average of around a 93 junior year because of my 3 AP and 2 honors courseload</p>

UPenn, UConn, Tufts, Boston University, WUSTL, Emory, Case Western, RPI, Syracuse, UNC, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, any other similar ideas..?</p>

<p>Oh, and I want to go into biology! Sorry this has been so long :/</p>

<p>save this question until you have SAT or ACT test scores to provide</p>