Please Chance Me UVA, BC, Villanova, Cornell, Wake Forest, Pitt, American

SAT I: 2060 (700 math, 690 CR, 670 writing; single sitting, taking again in fall)
SAT IIs: 740 math II, 680 U.S. history, 670 Spanish
GPA: Transferred halfway through high school (public to catholic): 3.89 UW, 4.25 W (Total)
Public School (9-10): 3.91 UW, 4.20 W
Catholic School (11-present): 3.81 UW, 4.31 W
Class Rank: top 10%
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino

1 AP sophomore year, 2 junior, 4 senior (have to test into AP/honors at Catholic school) (9 HN total)

Extracurriculars (See leadership below):
Tutor in school’s writing center
Chess/Game Club
School Newspaper

Eagle Scout
Organized fundraising projects for cancer
Student Activities Director (chosen after just 1 year at new school)
School newspaper social media manager (Hopefully editor-in-chief this year)
Writing Center technology director

Honor Societies:
Spanish Honor Society (1 year)

4 years varsity swimming, swim at club level year-round, recruited D3
Rec-league basketball

Summer Programs/Internships:
Brown Pre-College

Work experience:
3 Years Swim Coach (year-round)
Virtual Internship with cancer fundraising non-profit (Social Media Manager)

Volunteering (mother passed from cancer just before high school started, which is why I became involved with healthcare and fundraising):
Relay for life
Bike race to fundraise for cancer
Service team at school
Founded fundraising program for cancer patients at school ($$$)
Blood drive volunteer
Organized bake sale + service project for middle school’s special ed. Department
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Student Ambassador ($$$)
American Cancer Society virtual advocate
^Around 1,000 hours for cancer related events/programs

Saint Michael’s College Book Award
Public school minority achievement (grand gpa x2)
AP Scholar
Placed in State swim meet
Academic Scholar (School-based)

8/10 From junior year English teacher
7/10 From junior history teacher
9/10 from Vice Principal/public speaking teacher

Spanish credits didn’t transfer when I changed schools, ended up retaking Spanish 3 as an honors course junior year and getting an A-, but am able to skip Spanish 4 and go straight to honors level 5 senior year, which evens out
Catholic school does not allow many AP’s to first-year students

Raised in single parent, Hispanic home? Mother passing away, which lead to organizing the fundraising + cancer fundraising involvement, success after transfer to a more difficult school halfway through high school. Plus I do my own laundry.

Please chance me for these and tell me if it’s a good list? Also looking for any other good schools I may have a chance at. Plan on applying to:

UVA (CAS)(I’m in-state)
Villanova (VSB)
Boston College (CSOM)
Wake Forest (Business School)
Pitt (CBA)
American (Kogod)
Cornell (Dyson)

Any others I should consider?