Please Chance Me? :-)

<p>Hi everyone :-) I'm currently a rising senior.
Would any of you please chance me? What I'm really looking for is for someone to tell me whether Purdue is a reach, match, or safety; whether I can get into the Honors program; and whether I have a good chance at getting scholarships and financial aid-- this is especially important because realistically, my parents will not be able to help at all with college tuition. </p>

<p>I want to major in Electrical Engineering.</p>

<p>My GPA is UW 3.79 and W ~4.5. I scored a 1910 on the SAT, though I just took it again last Saturday. I'm not sure what I scored, but I think I raised my superscore above 2000. My scores from March were:
660 CR
620 M
630 W</p>

<p>I'm in the top 7% of my class.</p>

<p>I'm currently taking AP Calc AB and AP English Language, and I'm scheduled to take AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP French, and AP Music Theory next year. All of my other classes have been honors.</p>

<p>Okay, The real kicker is my extracurriculars. They are EXTREMELY weak...</p>

<p>Freshman Year-
Student Council Member
Volunteered two days a week at the local middle school</p>

<p>Sophomore Year-
Yeah. Nothing :/ I moved schools in between my freshman and sophomore year, so I was kinda out of the loop and unmotivated Sophomore year.</p>

<p>Junior Year-
French Club Member
Marching Band
Concert Band
Tri-M Music Honor Society Member
Recognized and Awarded for French
Recognized and Awarded for AP English</p>

<p>I realize that my GPA and SAT scores are on par for both schools, but as I said, I have very weak extracurriculars. I'm also out of state from North Carolina.
If you feel that these schools may be a reach for me, would you mind recommending other colleges for me (preferably that are similar to Purdue)??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Honestly, your chances of getting a scholarship are slim. Your chances of being in the Engineering Honors Program is a slight reach depending on your new superscore which needs to be a 2010 and Purdue calculated GPA which only consists of English, Math and Science grades of 3.8/4.0 or better. </p>

<p>If finances mean a lot for you and your parents can't help that much then Purdue might not be it. Unless you are willing to loan $100K+ for your Bachelor's which is not recommended then sure.. I myself am loaning that much for my Bachelor's which is less valuable than an Engineering degree. </p>

<p>I would say apply to schools like Cornell as an ED applicant since their financial aid is pretty good for low income families. It might be tough getting in but it's worth a shot. Look for schools that are private and have a high endowment with great financial aid since state schools tend to be bad with financial aid for out of state students. </p>

<p>I would say apply to Cornell, UNC, UVA, Cooper Union, Military Academies, etc. I understand that military academies might not be of interest but it is great financially and in terms of a guaranteed job placement upon graduation. Air Force Academy would be the place to aim for if you are interested imo. After a few years in the Air Force, you can consider being an engineer at Boeing or some sort of military contractor so that is a plus too. If you had a position that required government clearance then the merrier in terms of job outlook.</p>

<p>I will for sure apply to UNC, and I'm going to have to really consider whether or not i'm willing to shell out 100 grand for an undergrad degree.
thank you so much for the advice-- I really appreciate it :)</p>

<p>Sorry, this is kind of late, but I live near Purdue and am applying this fall for it. I think that Purdue won't necessarily cost 100+k / year... they value summertime internships at around 10k/summer, plus you could work on campus at libraries or whatnot... and Indiana has some phenomenal scholarship/grant/financial aid, especially for those in need. They give out 100 merit based, renewable 10k/year scholarships (16k/year if you are out of state) as well as an additional 2k/year if family income is between 40k and 100k a year. If you make less than 40k, you might get even more. I'd definitely apply and see what sort of offers are made to you, financially speaking. 4 years of paid internship will definitely go a long way. If you are an Indiana resident, also consider applying for the Eli Lily scholarshipd... it is full tuition and book money, and then some. </p>

<p>So... I would at least apply, and see what happens. And if you get into Cooper Union, then even better :)</p>

<p>sorry this is late too... but I am about to be an incoming freshman to Purdue and I also live in west lafayette (where purdue's campus is located) and my SATs were defiantly not as impressive as yours... I'm in though! Haha. Also my brother and sister have gone to purdue and I am going to say as for getting into EE for you wouldn't be as hard as the person that posted its going to cost 100k said. My brother didn't have such impressive scores and barely had any after school stuff on his app and he got into Krannert school of Management... but hated it so he decided he wanted to go into civil engineering under construction management. and guess what... he's doing well and already has a secure job waiting for him after he graduates purdue at BMW construction and is interning in AZ right now at Intel... yeah that Intel.. and loves it! so its possible... trust me.</p>

<p>you're a safe match for purdue. no scholarship though. try illinois, a great ee program. you may be a slight reach there.</p>