Please chance me!

<p>Hello guys, I'm very nervous about applying to colleges so please chance me for the following colleges:

<p>SAT: CR 730 math 800 writing 800
SAT 2: mathII 800, bio 740, will take physics in october
Transcript average: 94.6
AP/honors: AP World History, AP US history, AP CS, AP Calc BC, AP macro/micro-econ, AP Physics B, honors trig, honors precalc, honors chem, honors physics
AP tests: all 5's on world history, us history and cs. will take the other ones at the end of senior year</p>

-ex-Webmaster and current Director of Animation at Robotics Team (competing under FIRST robotics)
-editor of the entertainment section of school news paper
-around 50 hours of volunteering at Key club
-60 hours of volunteering at a prep school tutoring little kids
-80 hours of volunteering at a community health center, Health education department.
-2 month of internship at FunnyGarbage, a webdesign/animation company, made a 3D model of the World Trade Center memorial</p>

<p>I am an Asian male who immigrated to America in 2005; I will probably major in Comp Sci or something computer related.
Please also recommend some targets and safety colleges with a good CS department. Most colleges on my list so far are reach colleges and I'm not too confident about getting in...</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your time! :)</p>

<p>bump..someone please help...</p>

<p>Your profile is impressive though your being an Asian may prove to be a hindrance given the schools in which you're interested. You should be confident about RIT, Rice, and CMU.
As for the other schools, it depends on your geographic distribution in comparison to the other candidates. Such schools receive a lot of "cluster" applicants from the Northeast. You should have better chance at a school that is in an area different from that which you reside ie CalTech if you live in New Jersey or MIT if you live in Michigan. </p>

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<p>I completely agree with masong ... but if one of these schools are your dream, apply ED/EA! I cannot stress this enough to people! If you love a school, just go for it! Good luck!</p>

<p>If he's applying for cmu's scs, it will be harder than</p>