please chance me !!

<p>Hey, im applying regular decision.</p>

<p>Stats :
SAT : 2110, M : 720, CR : 740, W : 650.
I know uchicago doesn't look at subject tests so i'm not submitting them.
GPA : 16.77 out of 20 last year, will probably go up to 17.5 out of 20 this year. ( that's like having a 3.8 GPA in america i suppose ).
High School : VERY competitive, i got into it after a national exam at the end of 9th grade, so only the best in the state get to go there.
I speak four languages fluently : arabic french english and spanish. And i speak some german and some russian (self-taught).</p>

<p>ECs : i did about 150 hours volunteering and i started a community service club at my school ( it's very uncommon in Tunisia ), i was an exchange student in the USA for 10 months, did some volunteering then. I did peer tutoring in english, I taught 13 year-olds english ( my brother and some of his friends ) for two summers, helped at cleaning campaigns around the city, i'm a representative of my class in student govmnt. One last thing, i took part in a revolution ( don't know if i can count that as an EC :p ).</p>

<p>No summer jobs, we're not allowed to work in tunisia.</p>

<p>i'm applying for financial aid, and i need a LOT.</p>

<p>My common app essay is perfect, but i haven't started writing the why uchicago and the supplemental essay, that's something i need to start working on.</p>

<p>Considering that i come from the birth place of the arab spring, and say uchicago has no tunisian students ( that's a mere speculation, i don't know whether there are tunisians at uchicago or not), what are my chances ?</p>

<p>You're wrong about the SATII. While UChicago does not REQUIRE SAT IIs, they certainly look at them if you send them in. Also, UChicago does not look at your writing score of either the SAT or ACT, so now you have an even better chance of getting in :)
You have a good chance of getting in! Your grades, test scores, and ECs are pretty good.</p>

<p>Thanks nondairycreamer !!</p>

<p>anybody else ?? please ..</p>

<p>You bring something unique... Not too many applicants can say they've been in a revolution.</p>

<p>should i put that as an EC or would it be better if i included it in my essays ??</p>

<p>Not really an ec... you should probably include it in your essays. Also I hear the elections for your country is coming up. Congratulations on becoming a democratic state :)</p>

<p>The need for aid will cripple you for Chicago</p>

<p>@ca2012 : i'll probaby include it in my essays then !! Thanks, i actually went and voted today, it felt amazing :D i've never felt any better.
@MarlonBrando : but if i'm like the only tunisian applying won't they disregard my need for financial aid ?</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Hey, the revolution is very unique. I would definitely incorporate that into an essay somehow. Your scores and stats look good and I'm sure Chicago will try to help your financial situation. Best of luck bro. I've spent tons of time on the Uchicago campus and know a few professors, PM me with questions. </p>

<p>vive la tunisie mon mec. nique la police</p>

<p>Thank you Mcskittlz, i'll PM you if i have any questions.</p>

<p>Eh ouiii nique la police :D Well it has gotten much better now, Tunisia is no longer a police state :D</p>

<p>I met a Tunisian here the other day.</p>

<p>(Just a random comment, I'm not trying to belittle the uniqueness of your background)</p>

<p>Mr</a>. McMahon Entrance Theme - YouTube</p>

<p>Finally, so there are tunisians at uchicago !! That's something i wanted to know for months cookcfc, and now you randomly gave me an answer !! Thanks.</p>