Please Chance Me?

<p>Hi, I am really interested in Bowdoin College; please tell me what you think my chances are of getting in! I am going to apply ED II.
I am a senior at a very good public school in a wealthy county. (My family is not particularly wealthy, however. I have a single mother). I have taken all honors or AP classes since they were first offered in 8th grade (except for 1 year of regular math). I have taken a total of 5 AP classes, and of the two I took last year, I got a 4 and a 5 on the AP exams. My grade average (weighted) is a 91.9, i believe (I’m not sure what that is on the GPA scale). I have been on the high honor roll every quarter since 8th grade, and I am a member of the National Honor Society. I hope to study either psychology, environmental science, or premed.
SAT (composite): 2060 :frowning:
CR: 690
M: 650
W: 720
SAT II, US History: 720
ACT: 33
As for extracarriculars, I am extremely active in my community’s crew team. I started rowing in my sophomore year, and have since improved greatly and achieved many accomplishments. I have met and spoken with the Bowdoin crew coach. Before crew, I swam competitively for 11 years and fenced for 3.
I have been a member of my school’s chorus and several art and photography classes. I have also been a member and co-founder of several clubs at my school, including environmental science club, animal rights club, GSA, American Sign Language Club, and a community service club.
I have participated in some community service, including a backpacking and trail-repair crew in the Appalachian Mountains, and working at an assisted living home in my community. I have also taken part in several fundraisers and charity events. I have worked as a lifeguard.</p>

<p>I visited Bowdoin and absolutely loved it; please tell me what you think my chances are of getting in!</p>

<p>Why EDII instead of EDI??? The numbers admitted via EDII are very small . .</p>

<p>I'm applying EDII (instead of EDI) becuase it's too late for EDI at this point! My mom was skeptical about me applying ED anywhere, so she didn't tell me I could untill about a week ago; at this point it's too late. Do you think I still have a chance though?</p>

<p>Deadline for EDI is Nov 15 -- You should have enough time to get in an EDI application. Bowdoin typically admits 30-35 through EDII and maybe 185-190 through EDI so the numbers are hard . . .</p>

<p>thank you. but regardless of the application process I choose, do you think I have any chance?</p>

<p>I don't like to do chances - it misleads either way since admissions is kind of a crap shoot. Your credentials are within the range of acceptability -- your scores and GPA could be higher but they do not exclude you -- so you should just take your best shot at the process (good essays, recommendations, etc) and see what happens.</p>