Please chance me!

<p>Please Chance me!
My Sophomore Grades.
Lit B/A
History A/A
Spanish B/C
Chem H B/C
Alg2/Trig C/C
UC GPA. 3.25 Average 10th Grade</p>

<p>Yea i know my grades are really bad, but i owned junior year.</p>

<p>My Junior Grades.
Am Lit A/A
Photo1 A/A
Spanish 4H B/A
AP Bio A/A
Pre-Calc H B/A
UC GPA of 4.5 Average 11th</p>

<p>So average UC GPA 10/11 is 3.901 for Un-Capped(Berkeley, UCLA) and 3.77 Capped (All other UC’s)
I had a HUGE upward trend, so im sure that helps. :stuck_out_tongue:
SAT 2200</p>

<p>SAT2 Math 2 800
SAT2 Chem 800
SAT2 Bio E 800
SAT2 Bio M 800
SAT2 Spanish 800
SAT2 US History 800
SAT2 Literature 800 </p>

I have been in Taekwondo for 8 years

  • I am a 2nd degree black belt
  • I also got a 2000$ Internship there
  • Bronze Medal at Stanford Taekwondo Tournament
    .I am on the Varsity Badminton team in my school
    .I am also a JV swimmer outside of school
    .Helped the senior center near my house for 2 years.
    .Helped me Hospital for 1 year.
    .General volunteering for 100 hours.
    .An Officer of Astronomy Club in my school.
    .I also tutor in Kumon
    .Live in CA.
    My school is insanely hard.
    .Top 100 in the nation
    .I did poorly for 10th grade so i really got my act together for 11th grade and did alot of sat2’s to prove myself.</p>

<p>So yea please give me feedback.
I want to get into
.UC Davis
.UC San Diego
.UC Irvine

<p>…I’ve seen this SAME thread before twice. With those grades, you’re most likely going to get in. Stop worrying, fill out the application, and then wait for results in the spring!</p>

<p>2 of the same accounts. Also this sounds more like a show off thread ■■■■■. Seriously you already know you got into the low tier UCs. Upper tiers will be a bit more rough.</p>

<p>If you have the smarts to get those scores, how hard is it to think for yourself in a logical way and determine if you can get into the places you are applying to?</p>