Please Chance Me!!!

<p>Hello guys,
I am currently a student in GWU with a GPA of 3.4 as a sophmore studying international affairs. I've been thinking about transferring to college not SFS or whatnot. I've been participating in clubs such as International Society and East Asian Cultural club. Also, I've been interning in Library of Congress and Embassy of Korea. Along with that, my high school GPA was 3.3 and my SAT was 2110. I've done plenty of extracurricular activities in my high school too but should I write that in my application?</p>

<p>Please chance me! Your words can influence my thoughts on transferring!</p>

<p>bump bumppppp</p>

<p>You'll find quickly that chance threads are really just forms of guessing/hearsay for normal applicants. For prospective transfer students, it's even more guesswork because most members have never had to even think about transferring.</p>

<p>Thank you but could I hear any of your heresay or guesses? I'm just curious as to how many people see my transfer to be plausible.</p>