Please chance me!

<p>Hi! I really need some help to figure out how big, or small, are my chances to enroll in one of America's top universities. I'm planning on focusing in philosophy, international politics and law. </p>

<p>These are the colleges that I'm considering:</p>

<p>Yale - Harvard - Stanford - Berkeley - Columbia - Georgetown - Dartmouth - Brown - UChicago - Princeton - Washington St.Louis - Northwestern - Wesleyan - Williams - Amherst - Duke - Cornell - Penn - Rice - Vanderbilt - Emory - UCLA - NYU (all suggestions are welcome, as always!)</p>

<p>My stats:</p>


<p>Graduated: May '10, valedictorian with a 1.0 Abitur average and honors in the field of Science, since I was the school's best student in every scientific subject, although I also ranked #1 in every humanistic studies class.</p>

<p>School: German School of Oporto (from Kindergarten to Gymnasium) - it's a German state-funded bilingual Gymnasium in Portugal's second-biggest city, Oporto.</p>

<p>What have I done since then?: Studied/ying Medicine at Portugal's top med school</p>

<p>Languages: Portuguese, German, English, French, Spanish (every single one fluently), Italian (basic knowledge), Latin (basic)</p>

<p>SAT scores: 790 Writing - 800 Reading - 760 Maths
SAT Subject scores: World History 800 - US History 800

President of the GSO Student Government for 2 years
Member of the School Counsel for 2 years
President and founder of the Student's Association of the German Schools of the iberian Peninsula
President and founder of the Student's Association of the International Schools of Oporto
Class delegate for 5 years (don't know if this counts, but it is relatively important in my school)
Member of the GSO varsity volleyball team
Member of the GSO middle school basketball team
Coach of the GSO middle school basketball team
Active at my local parish for about four years - I've been doing some work with homeless people and I'm also a monitor at the local Catholic Youth group - we have about 400-500 kids over there, it's the biggest religious group for teens in Oporto.
Participated in the Schleswig-Holstein Model UN
I was responsible for an initiative on Health Awareness at a primary school from one of the city's poorest neighbourhoods.
Founding member of the Debating Society of the GSO
Played the violin for about 7 tears
Played tennis for about 6 years
I'm also thinking of doing a summer internship at the EU or at the International Court of Den Haag (don't know if that is possible, though)</p>

<p>About my Abitur:
I graudated with a 1.0 - my grades are extremely high in the humanistic field. I had the highest possible grade in every single history semester, in all the others my average is about 14.something or higher - 15 being the highest possible grade in the German system.</p>

For my valedictorian status I received a scholarship, which is essentialy a free-pass for an internship at any German firm.
When I was 16, I got a scholarship from the Robert Bosch Stiftung to pursue a Bachelor in Engineering at the University of Heidelberg and procede with my Abitur studies at the same time. </p>

<p>Recommendation letters:
History teacher, English teacher, Philosophy teacher, German teacher, Headmaster.
My headmaster has said, that the German ambassador to Portugal was very interested in writing a recommendation letter, too! Which of these should I send? </p>

<p>Financial Aid:
Needed. My parents earn about $160.000/year, but they have a big mortgage in their hands and due to their financial capabilities and my country's financial outlook (Portugal is in very very very deep s***), my parents simply cannot afford paying more than 10.000-15.000$ year. I'm going to sell my car (worth about 30-35 thousand euros) and do some work at a local hotel as a bag carrier/receptionist to see if I can make some extra money. I'm also looking at the Portuguese Harvard Club for some kind of financial support.</p>

<p>About my background:
My father's a surgeon and my mother's a lawyer, both have very humble origins (first in their families to conclude the 12th grade and to pursue college studies. Both enrolled at the best schools in their respective fields.) They're not fluent in any foreign language, but they knew, that the GSO is very demanding and provided an extremely vast palette of subjects (I took everything from Physics to Arts).
I was pushed towards Medicine, because of my very high grades in the scientific field and, also, because of my social surroundings. After one year and a half of Med School I decided to pursue my dream, which is to attend an elite university in the United States, so that I can deepen my interests and enrich my personal life with one of the world's best educational experiences. I also love the fact, that most US universities want to develop the entrepeneurial side of their students and their leadership qualities, which fits me perfectly, since I want to work at an international organization figuring out ways to improve international relations, political systems and society as a whole. </p>

<p>So, how do my chances look like? Do you have any suggestions? I'm looking forward for your answers, thanks for your help!</p>


<p>You win the international competition at every school, but don't just apply for them because they're top-ranked. You intermingled a lot of schools with very different properties. I suggest you do research about each college in particular, to figure out what fits you, and also because many require supplemental essays.</p>

<p>I agree with Mikethechimp. Look into each school and narrow down to at most 10-13 (you have over 20). Find your favorites, express interest, and work on the essays. I think you have an outstanding chance for admission to any/all of the schools you listed. However, if you just apply to them all (20+), I think it could hurt you since you will have so many essays to complete and won't find time to focus on the ones you really want. Good Luck!!</p>

<p>You said in one of your other posts that you're a med school sophomore. At most top schools, any attendance of a college or university after graduation from high school requires you to apply as a transfer student no matter what. That might be a bit different in your case, since you cannot study medicine at the undergraduate level in America. Contact at least several of the schools you're applying to and confirm. You don't want to just "apply and see" and not get admitted anywhere (or worse, big dismissed or have a degree rescinded because they think you misrepresented yourself).</p>

<p>You list list your interests as "international studies, philosophy and law." You probably already know this, but you cannot study law at the undergraduate level in the United States.</p>

<p>However, there is a PPE major (philosophy, politics, and economics) at several of the schools you listed, which is the closest to that and an excellent precursor for law school.</p>

<p>I would say your chances for admission are very good.</p>

<p>Financial aid at Emory divides into Merit and Need categories. For the Merit category, you will need your school to nominate you as an Emory Scholar and for Emory to accept you as such. Pay attention to the deadlines, as they are strict. </p>

<p>For the Need category, non-American students fall into a separate category, and the admissions office is your best source of information.</p>

<p>Please chance me too!!!
Gender : female
Age: 16
Academic qualifications: always one among the top three positions in class. 9.8 out of 10 in 10 th grade on the gpa scale( Indian school in Kuwait )
Sat...taking it once more
Reading: 530
Writing; 600
Math: 580
If not sufficient how much would I have to increase in each section???
Other achievements: have been learning dance for almost 11 years now...have earned a Guinness world record certificate, taken part in the mock united nations and won the championship for our school....been the prefect for 2 years....and also the vice hose captain for one year...have represented my school in debates extempore speech competetions ......have won a number of art competitions....and learned music for almost 5 years....</p>

<p>Sorry forgot to mention I am one among the executive members of the first school level social science club in Kuwait ....and also the reporter for te spark club( English club in our school)</p>

There are no fixed score requirements as you may offer other qualtiies, or there may be an explanation for one's scores. Further, you may well do better on the SATs in the future.</p>

<p>Having said that, I should think for a typical applicant a total score (R+M+W) of 2,000 at least would be required for Emory College - and higher would be better.</p>

<p>Thnx I know....I will try...I am taking it again....</p>

<p>The rest of the profile is fine right???</p>