Please Chance Me!

<p>Hi! I was just wondering how competitive i'd be at some of the schools i will be applying. Some of which im thinking are (just a few): Rice, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Cornell</p>

Indian Male
Currently in 11th Grade

All A's (4.0)
Ranked 1/799
AP Classes: Biology, Calculus AB/BC, World History, English III, Chemistry, US History
Languages: Spanish 1-3, native hindi speaker</p>

<p>Standardized Test Scores:
2180 SAT 1 (660 CR, 800 M, 720 W with 10 Essay)
Retook SAT in jan. and am confident i will have 2200s (hopefully upper 2200s)
~35 ACT (have not taken yet)
5 on bio, calculus AB, world history (have not done rest yet)
760 on world history and bio, 800 math level 2 (sat2s)</p>

I have a huge 3 page list but most are regional, here are major ones:
1st in mathematics in state (9th grade), 2nd in state (10th grade)
2nd in regional and state for trigstar
honorable mention in purple comet
1s on violin solos (1 is highest score possible)
AMC 10 school winner two times in a row</p>

Math/UIL Club (9th to 11th), Math Mentors (9th to 11th), Symphonic Orchestra (9th and 11th), Concert Orchestra (10th), Biology Buddies (10th), NHS, Spanish Honor society, mu alpha theta , English honor society</p>

Math/UIL Club—Vice President (10th Grade), President and Captain of Team (11th Grade); Biology Buddies—President (10th Grade); Spanish Honor Society— Secretary (11th Grade)</p>

about 120 hrs with half at hospital and half tutoring</p>

<p>SUmmer camps:
Nuclear Energy/Engineering at UTA</p>

<p>I will be able to get good recs (my teachers like me) and probably write decent essays. Hoping for some more 1sts in state for mathematics as well as AIME this year. I spend about 6-8 hours a week tutoring, tutoring kids in calculus (before school about an hour) and preparing my team (after school about 5-6 hrs) and i go to occasional meetings for other clubs. I am considering to tutor for money also. </p>

<p>Please reply! Hopefully i can learn this chancing process and chance you back to! Thanks!</p>


<p>Will anyone chance me.....?</p>

<p>Sure I will. Your GPA and rank are AMAZING!!- You should be very proud! Your standardized test scores can improve but don't sweat it. I'd say if you can get above a 2260, you're golden. As of right now here's what I think (and again this is just my opinion):
Rice: Low reach
MIT: High reach (for everyone lol)
Stanford: Same as MIT
Berkeley: Low reach
Cornell: Low reach
Vanderbilt: High match/low reach</p>

<p>If you do end up applying to MIT I hope we both get in! (I'm your class and love MIT- definitely will apply)
Good luck to you. Wanna chance me?
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<p>Thanks Hockeydude664! Just have a question though since I have never been able to figure it out. What's the difference between reach and match?</p>

<p>A reach indicates a school that is more selective with their admissions and therefore, more difficult to get into whereas matches are schools where you "match" with most of the other applicants and therefore, have a greater chance of getting into.</p>


<p>I want to update this with my new Jan. SAT Score:
750 CR
800 M
790 W (75 MC and 11 Essay)</p>

<p>Composite: 2340.</p>

<p>Will anyone chance me with these slightly improved stats? Thanks!</p>