Please Chance Me

<p>Hi, thanks for taking the time to chance me. I have a 3.3 (W) (out of 4.0), 1810 SAT (Math 610, Reading 610, Writing 590).My school does not rank. I have taken all honor classes throughout high school (not one CP or AP). Academic awards were that i was placed on Spanish National Honor Society. Extracurriculars were 4 years of Basketball, 2 years of track (Captain), 4 years of AAU basketball (Non-school travel team). Job experiences were that i worked at a summer basketball camp for my highschool for for my junior and senior year, and i work year round doing cleaning duties etc in a dentist office (For all four years of High school). For Volunteer service i have volunteered many hours at the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter in Boston. My essay (which i believe to be strong, but who doesn't) was about the struggles i went through while my dad was deployed to Iraq, and the lessons i learned from those years. I sent in two Teacher recommendations, both who know me and my dad very well and who i see outside of school often. I go to a public school in MA, that has 650 kids, i'm a first generation college student, and i have visited and am very interested. Thanks once again.</p>

<p>Although you have a low gpa/sat there could be a chance you can be accepted because of your unique background and first gen status. Hopefully they are holistic when they review your app and accept you :) good luck.</p>

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<p>Thank you!!!</p>