Please chance me?

<p>I am a junior in high school and i am about to take the act in march. My cumulative gpa is 3.45 after the first semester of this year. It was a 3.33 after my first two years, but i was able to receive a 3.9 this year. I plan to keep the same GPA this semester which will bring me up to about a 3.55~ for when I go to apply in the fall. I am hoping that this trend will hopefully be the factor that puts me above others in my gpa and score range. I am expecting a 27 or so on my act. My school will be offering the on site admissions in October so maybe that will help? If you know anything about that, please give an opinion. I am involved in Marching band, Symphonic band, and Jazz ensembles in my high school. I also have some volunteer work lined up for this summer. I take 3 honors classes now and I plan to have about 4 next year. I just went on a tour of MSU a few weeks ago and I fell in love. THIS IS MY DREAM SCHOOL! please chance me!</p>

<p>I really enjoy the irony of your name and MSU being your dream school :). </p>

<p>Anyway, you're at a toss up right now. Your GPA is average so it's going to come down to your GPA. An upward trend looks very, very good though and will be a major boost in your favor. I would try to take an AP class or 2 next year to strengthen your schedule.</p>

<p>Come back when you get your ACT scores and we'll be happy to chance you again :).</p>

<p>Oh yeah, lol well my name is because I grew up loving wolverine from x-men, not u of m haha. And I'm assuming you meant it depends on my act. I do plan on taking an AP class next year and about 3 honors classes. This because my school only offers AP English. But I want to agree with you and the gpa trend being in my favor, but I don't like getting my hopes up too much haha. I really would appreciate more opinions.</p>

<p>Do you believe that I will be deferred at the least and have a chance to work and gain admission?</p>

<p>I think you'd be competitive if you brought your gpa up to a 3.5.</p>

<p>Haha, yes I meant that it's going to come down to your ACT. There's a plague going around MSU and I have too much cold medicine in my body to make coherent sentences. </p>

<p>If you only have one AP class, then take it and don't worry that you don't have any other ones. Just out of curiosity, where in Michigan with a high school that small? If you don't mind me asking.</p>

<p>Downriver, my school has about 1200 kids.</p>

<p>What would be the minimum ACT that I could get with my stats and still get accepted?</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>I would say 25 ACT is borderline admit, 27 or 28 ACT is almost a certain admit with your GPA/ECs. On-site admissions are probably a good thing to go to. Good luck!</p>