please chance me

<p>what are my chances for electrical engineering at
purdue university
iowa state university of science and technology
SUNY university at buffalo
university of arizona
weighted gpa 3.68 (92) unweighted 3.4ish(school doesn't do unweighted)
4 years of tennis
out of state in nj
69 of 244 class rank
sat (math 660) (read 490) (writing 450)
of my core subject i took adv algebra 2, adv geometry, honors trig, honors precalc, adv physics, adv chem, adv bio, adv physical science and adv ela 11 as well as an autocad course in a community college(senior option)
also my core grade should be between 90-91
no upward trend</p>

<p>if superscored it be (cr 520)(math 660) writing(490)</p>

<p>Purdue: Match/High match
Rowan: Low match/Match
Iowa State: Safety
UB: High match
ASU: Safety
UAZ: Safety</p>

<p>thank you would anyone else want to chance me or give me suggestion to improve my chance</p>

<p>you should be good at all those schools, except for maybe Purdue and SUNY Buffalo. Those are low reaches. I’d do some more ECs and volunteering to make up for your low SAT</p>

<p>to tell you the truth i’m not that smart i know alot of people who can get As without studying but my grades would plummet if i did more activities but during the summer time i’d visit my grandparents all summer in china. So yeah i’m basically dumb for an asian</p>

<p>but without an upward trend would colleges care since i did more adv/honors course as i move up a grade like in 9th i did 2 adv, 10th i did 2adv, 11th i did 3(adv/honors) and for 12th i did 3(adv/honors)</p>