Please Chance Me!!

<p>I'm a highschool junior from Texas, driven to get into engineering.</p>

<li>3.7 weighted GPA</li>
<li>Top 11%</li>
<li>1840 SAT 690M, 610CR, 540W</li>
<li>ACT 26 Composite, 25 English, 31 Math, 22 Reading, 24 Science</li>

-Solar Car Team (Captain)
-DIY Club
-Technology Student Association
-National Hispanic Institute (2013 National Champion)
-Mu Aplha Theta
-National Honor Society
-University of Texas Outreach
-Boy Scouts (First Class)</p>

<p>I am currently enrolled in a dual enrollment program that is geared towards engineering, so I take my classes at the comunity college. When I grduate highschool I will have 70 college hours.</p>

<p>Classes I Will Take
-Calculus II
-Physics II
-American Gov. II
- Statics & Dynamics
<a href=""&gt;;/a> Degree Plan.pdf</p>

<p>I am the only student from my highschool that is in the dual enrollment academy, out of 556 in my highchool class.
Being in this niche program makes me question where I stand, what is UT going to look for in my case?</p>

<p>Provided you stay in the top 25% by the end of this semester, you are an academic admit ( top 25%, 1300 SAT with at least 600 in CR & M). So, apply early - you are guaranteed admission, but not your major. This year they did rolling admissions for the first 85% of the available slots, then holistic review for the last 15%. Who knows what will be the process next year. Oh and a side note - when applying make sure you don’t refer to A&M as UT :wink: </p>

<p>Based on your info above, you have 100% chance of acceptance. You’re an Academic Admit.</p>