Please, chance me ;)

<p>Here my profile:
I'm going to take 3 AP classes this year and retake the SAT this October+November (on practice tests i usually score 1950)</p>

<p>Honors 'n' Awards:
Member of school sport team:
-Olympic Games-1'st in the city
-President Games-2'nd in the city+ every year I take place in all-school competitions and get 1'st,2'nd or 3'rd places
-Vladivostok Green Maraphon-3'rd in the city
Member of the Cheerleading team:
-2013-2'nd in the city tournament
-2014-1'st in the city tournament
Member of the Dancing Team,spesializing on Korean dancings:
-2013-Gangam Style+Traditional Korean Dance-4'th place in the city tournament
-2014-K-Pop-3'rd place in the Primorsky Region Tournament
-HSHSS member</p>

<p>Individual Sports:
-2002-2009-Gymnastics, lots of medals and honourable letters
-2009-2012-Athletics, lots of medals and honourable letters
-2012-2014-Ju-Jutsu-winner of the All-Russia Championship</p>

-honourable letter from the Marine State University
-I am working in the Vladivostok city center with children with disabilities
-worked as a translator on EducationUSA University Fair
-in 2013 participated in parade,devoted to the day of the Navy,received the honourable letter from the officer
-in 2013 received an honourable letter from the Mayor of Primorsky Region
+I am a honorable member of EducaionUSA Vladivostok City Club</p>

<p>Elective courses:
Design Class in 10'th and 11'th grades
Introduction into Korean Culture,10'th grade
Advanced Russian Grammar,9'th grade</p>

<p>Extra-Curriculars & Activities (in high school or college)
School Dancing Club
EducationUSA Club
Sport+Cheerleading Groups</p>

<p>Work Experience
Dental Clinics</p>

<p>I'm sorry it's so long..all the replies are greatly appreciated!</p>