Please chance me-

International student from India (no aid)
Major :Chemical Engineering (Female engineer)
Chance me for UPenn, Princeton and Cornell

SAT1 :2030 ,800 in maths
SAT2 : 800 in chem, bio, phy and maths 2
School grades : I think my GPA is 4, I have only 3 B1’s but my grading scale is different.
CGPA :10/10 in my board exam

Academic achievement
• Qualified NTSE with state rank 9, I get a scholarship of 200$ every year and it is considered to be the most competitive exam in India.
• Qualified KVPY a scholarship exam for people interested in pure science (Its quite prestigious)
• Qualified the Regional Mathematics Olympiad
• Physics and Chemistry Olympiad top 10%
• Chemistry Olympiad National Semifinalist
• Science Olympiad International ranks – 76, 89, 324, 502 in different years …got a silver medal for being the class topper for three years.
• International Mathematics Olympiad ranks – 46, 136, 528 in different years and got the silver medal and bronze medal for being the class topper in two of the years.
• Received scholarship of 200$ in school…given to 5 out of 1800 students for excellent all round performance.
Extracurriculars :
• School basketball team captain for four years.
• State level basketball player
• I played the south zone basketball tournament …played between schools of 5 states in south india.
• Carnartic music singer – few solo performance and a certificate of distinction from the state government.
• I play the piano and have completed grades from the Royal School of Music.
• Other sports played: Badminton, swimming and throwball.
• Loads of research work. Two papers published.
• I got the sports cup for best performer in sports in school.
• Best outgoing student award.

Work Experience
• I did research in a cancer biology lab under a professor from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.
• Research in Astronomy in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.
• I organized health camps with Health Box.
• Worked in an organization to design experiments and projects for students who don’t have access to labs.

Community service:
• I teach students science in slums.(Over 400 hours)
• I worked in a government hospital
• I organised a fund raising program for the flood victims in north india (63,000Rs)
• I organised a news paper drive to collect money and items for an orphanage.
• I organised health camps in schools.

Leadership :
• Captain of school basketball team for 4 years.
• Captain of yellow house basketball team for 4 years.
• School prefect and captain of yellow house.
• President of science club.
• Vice president of math club.
• I started the Science Activity and Research school to spread awareness on science. It a very well recognised institute in my locality and we have organized many summer camps and workshops in schools.


• I was selected for a workshop Enkindle Inteligentia organised by the Indian Institute of Science to have discussions with PhD’s and graduate students on cancer research.
• Due to by involvement in the Science Activity and Research School, I was selected for a Woman In Science conference organised by the Indian Academy of Science.

Lastly, My father lives in Nairobi and my family will be moving there in a few months…will this info help?

Oh! My recommendations and essays.

Both my teachers mentioned that I am one of the best they have seen in their career.
I couldn’t see my counselor’s rec- she is a little reserved so I have no clue whether it was good or not but I am sure she wouldn’t have said anything bad.

My essays were ok…commonapp essay was on my trip to Australia (I went all alone)
and my Supplementary essays were a little nerdy :frowning:

I think that you have great stats.
Cornell and UPenn are low reaches though Princeton is a reach. Your chances would improve a lot if your SAT scores go up. Good luck! Chance back? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. But, isn’t it harder to get into princeton when compared to upenn and Cornell?