Please chance me

<p>Applied to FLL Arabic
Middle Eastern (which colleges consider caucasian....not fair)...dnt think this matters though</p>

<p>Location: VA
rank: top 1% out of a little less than 500
ACT - 30
Weighted GPA: above a 4
APs: 14 total....I actually took the classes for these...did not just take the test (one 5, 5 4s, 2 3s, and 7 I have not taken yet)</p>

<p>I have taken many challenging classes across all subjects with a noticeable focus on business.....</p>


<p>most honors societies
captain of debate team (with the exception of the ones for foreing languages)
basketball (not school team)
volunteering (500+ hours)
president's service award recepient (award given from the white house for volunteering)
a bunch of other </p>


<p>Good rank, GPA, and course load, but you don't really have anything that sets you apart from the crowd. The only things that caught my eye were business focus (but you're applying to the College) and the president's award.</p>

<p>You're shot is as good as anyone else's.</p>

<p>It seems the president's award was more valuable than I thought...</p>

<p>the prez award will VERY much help you since this is georgetown and all. that's pretty huge. everything you have overall is very solid, so its going to come down to how the adcom was feeling when they reviewed your application. you're definitely more likely to get in than not. good luck!</p>