Please chance me? :)

<p>I am a B- to B student, my school doesn't show 'gpa' sorry. I am a female international student. Hmm... I got 580 for maths SAT reasoning test, I just took it again and I think my results were better then my first SAT.
I play the piano, varisty volleyball, won spanish prize. I don't know what else haha If it counts for anything I have my IGCSE grades:
Biology- B
Chemistry- B
Physics- B
English Lit. - A*
English Language - B
Maths - A
Portuguese - B
Geography - B
Spanish - A</p>

<p>Can you chance me or kind of chance me for the following uni's: (by the way, I am applying for pre-med programmes) - Doesn't need to be all of them, only the ones you can make an estimate... Thanks!!!</p>

<p>Stony Brook University (NY)
American University (Washington)
Drexel University (Philadelphia)
Elon University (North Carolina)
Fordham Uni (Bronx NY)
Santa Clara Uni
Uni of San Diego
Uni of California - Davis
N. Carolina State Uni
Uni of California - Santa Barbara
Uni. of Scienced in Philadelphia
Uni. of Central Florida
Syracuse University
Uni. of Massachusetts Amherst
Uni. of Denver
Clark University
Colorado State University
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
University of California - Santa Cruz
New York Institute of Technology
University of San Francisco
Stonehill College</p>

<p>Do you need financial aid?</p>

<p>@BigTicket I don't need financial aid</p>

<p>Well, that definitely increases your chances.
It's difficult to chance you without the full 2400 SAT's though.</p>

<p>Going on GCSEs alone will not get you into any American University AFAIK as it doesn't constitute your last years of high school (as defined in US terms). As you're doing IGCSEs I assume you're doing A-levels right now or something equivalent?</p>

<p>If you don't mind, can you specify what country you live in and what your full SAT scores are?</p>

<p>I am doing the IB now; Higher level classes: Biology, Spanish and Portuguese.
I am from south america and I go to a private british school...
My SAT scores were bad and don't really reflect my grades, I took it in May for the first time and since my school is british we don't really have knowledge about the SATs which su**s =( but I took it again a few days ago and I think I did better since I felt more comfortable with the test. Anyways, if it serves for anything my scores were CR 470 M 580 W 460
I am also taking it again in October and I aim for at least 600</p>

<p>Does it help my chances if I mentioned that I opened a confectioner business all by myself? haha</p>

<p>cammms, of course it does. It shows that you are an entrepreneur. You shoulf totally mention it..</p>

<p>yay! thanks aashima93!! It oculd also reflect my leadership right? haha I hope so</p>