Please chance me!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>fresh grades: first semester: 3.8
second semester 3.8</p>

<p>soph. grades: first semester
advanced algebra 2: A
soph. english: A
honors chem.: A-
PE : A
Spanish 2 : A
World History : A
gpa 4.17</p>

<p>second semester:
same execpt for a B in english
gpa 4.0</p>

<p>jr. grades: first semester
AP us history: A-
Pre-cal: B
honors physics: A
regular english: A-
Spanish 3 : A
Cisco networking: A
gpa 4.17</p>

<p>second semester
same except for B in honors physics (MY TEST AVERAGE WAS AN A!!! >( !!!)
gpa: 4.0</p>

<p>sr. schedule: AP Cal
AP Enivormental
film and lit
Spanish 4

<p>SAT score: only took once 1710 (I never took a practice or the psat test before or really studied for its because all my friends were saying that it was like the STAR test but now I wish I had and I will retake it in Oct.)</p>

<p>SAT score: Math 2: 630
AP US history: 590
I'll retake these in Nov.</p>

<p>Other stuff: I have a job at Jack in the Box
I've played volleyball 4 years straight
played football for 2 years
I did karate when younger and had a red-black belt
I was born in India so I had to learn English
I going to to hopefully do some community service my senior year</p>

<p>What are my chances?????????
Major:Biomedical Engineering: Premedical</p>

<p>your school grades look good, and i hope you the best of luck with your SATs.
If you get a chance, why not try the ACT in September? Some people find the ACT easier than SATs, and you just need either one... I think for ACT, 28+ will be a good score. So give that a shot!</p>

<p>and i wish you the best of luck in your senior year. just... don't slack off and start working on your personal statements now!</p>

<p>Match. SAT is bottlenecking, raise that and it will be a safety/Honors + Regents match.</p>