Please chance my son for UNC, NC State, UGA, ND,SMU, Villanova, Clemson, Florida, Ohio State, GTECH

-Latino/ Born in the Dominican Republic,moved to the States 10 years ago. US Citizen.
-North Carolina Resident

  • Attending Private Christian High School
    -Applied as undecided or Business to some schools
    -GPA: 4.0 UW / 4.79 Weighted
    -School doesn’t rank
  • 11 AP’s Classes (Calculus 1, Stats, Physics C, Chemistry, Spanish, English Lang, English Lit, World History, Human Geography, US Government ,US History)
  • 9 Honors Classes
    -1440 SAT (Took it once)
  • College Board Recognition Program Award for Hispanic Students
    -Other schools awards and plenty of volunteering, clubs and some work experience.
    -Applied EA to all schools:

-UNC Chapel Hill, NC State (Instate )
-Ohio State
-University of Georgia
-Georgia Tech
-University of Florida
-Notre Dame
-Univ of Pittsburgh (Admitted) with 80k total scholarship

Good thing is that he loves all schools on his list. But if he would choose his top two would be UNC Chapel Hill and Pittsburgh.

Thanks so much for your attention!

He’s already in to one of his top 2 picks! Is that enough scholarship to make Pitt affordable? if so, you are already home and dry. However, if Pitt is not affordable, even with the scholarship, I would be very worried as to how affordable some of the other schools are on your list.

Once the apps are in “Chance” threads are unhelpful. It will make the next while much, much happier if both you & your son work on finding ways to divert the anxiety energy into something more productive.


What is your county of residence in North Carolina?

Would you be able to pay in-state tuition/room and board without financial assistance?

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Not easy to get $$ at Pitt. Congrats. And he loves it!! So bonus.

I suspect he’ll get into every school except maybe UND.

Not sure of your $ situation. If you show an EFC on Fafsa of $50k or less you might want to Google the list of meets need schools and take a flyer. I put a link below. But only if they interest you because since Pitt is a top 2 choice of yours, all the others you are waiting on are inconsequential (I suppose unless their offers knock your socks off).

While your list skews large you do have smaller on it hence my suggestion if your EFC would warrant it.

In all the zillions of cc posts, other than merit difficulty I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word about Pitt. Well their portal stinks :slight_smile: So if UNC doesn’t happen it may even be a blessing provided any of these are affordable for you.

Congrats to your son. What a wonderful situation.


We are in Henderson County. He has a college savings fund that would cover in state tuition. We don’t qualify for financial need

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Thanks everyone! All your comments are very helpful!
Our EFC is in the 70k. So we are aware that merit would be the only way to bring cost down. My son has a college savings fund enough to pay around $40k/ year.

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He will probably get into Villanova with no merit (because they give very little).

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Much smaller and rural but you may take a flyer at W&L Johnson Scholar. great b school. And it covers tuition room and board. You’d want to get on their info list and attend a session or two. Not to add suggestions but Pitt will be high 30s. That’s great. But if free is better it’s worth a flyer!! Last year they sent app waivers too.

I think UNC happens for entrance (not b school at first). UGA will either with a half or full OOS waiver. NC State for sure.

$20k at Pitt. That’s HUGE for them. You should be so proud!!


It is probably to your benefit that you are from Henderson County, as opposed to Wake or Mecklenburg Counties. Section C7 of the Common Data Set indicates that UNC places higher weight on standardized test scores than GPA; having said that, your son is probably in good shape for admission to UNC. As you may know, however, if he is interested in studying business at UNC, Kenan-Flager admits after the first year; and competition is pretty stiff.


Oh, I forgot to add, his school nominated him for the UNC Morehead Cain Scholarship and for the NC State Park Scholarship. Each NC School can only nominate two students every year. Both scholarships are very competitive and hard to get. But who knows?!


I’m so glad you mentioned W& L! He actually received an app waiver from them this week. He is finding more information about the school today.
And yes 100% agree free is always sweeter :slight_smile:
My daughter was admitted 3 years ago to a top 10 school (full pay) vs Univ of Florida ( full ride). She’s graduating from UF next April. $280k vs $0k was a very easy decision!

Very interesting! Googling UNC Common Data set now!

Yep it is. My daughter got in bit no merit. $81k. She’s at Charleston free tuition. W&L is great but much smaller, more rural and heavy greek. They’ve made huge strides toward diversity and the alumni look out for their own (my neighbor told me).

They like interest so join a few online sessions. If you get there the town is nice and campus amazing !!

If money a factor not to get nutty but Bama may be worth a look. The app is easy. Tons of smart kids chasing $$

Congrats on your daughter. That’s wonderful and UF is rising rapidly on the national stage. You did the college thing right :slight_smile:

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Sections C9-C11 of the CDS give objective data for matriculated students for a given academic year; which may help, in a broad way, in guesstimating admissions chances.

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Congrats to your daughter! Have heard great things about some of their programs. Many kids from my son’s school attend Charleston, it’s not too far from here!

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Congrats on Pitt. Did he get into the business honors program?

UNC for business would be a no brainer.

GT would be nice but most likely $50k/year. However, with 11 AP’s he might be able to graduate in 3 years if interested. They’re also pretty good with transferring credits from CC. Lots of options in Atlanta.

SMU could be interesting if he gets the BBA scholar award.

ND would be a great option but most likely full pay.

Good luck.

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That is excellent.

Make sure he is monitoring those portals and the email he used for any requests for info or updates. For Park at NC state, he should hear in December about admission and if he makes the first round. There are steps they need to do and it all comes at a time they are finalizing other applications, the holidays, etc… they definitely favor in state by looking at the awardees.

Good Luck.

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He has great chances at UNC Chapel Hill and NC State (I’m in NC too). Good chances for scholarships there too.


Honors notifications for Pitt are not out until February. I agree, the business program at UNC is very strong. And for non- financial need instate students is very difficult to find a better deal anywhere else.