Please chance S2021 SDSU CS

S2021 would like to apply to SDSU for computer science.
TX resident
31 ACT composite. 3.95 UW GPA
Rank top 8%
Ok EC’s including internships with software engineer and an underwater drone servicing company
Varsity soccer. NHS; started a non-profit during pandemic
Mostly honors And AP 5APs so far taking AP -CalBC; physics: government; English and Bio this year.

And will impacted major impact CS major?
Thanks All

SDSU uses the Capped weighted CSU GPA which is 10-11th grades for the a-g course requirements.

Cal states give extra honors points for OOS applicants for AP and IB classes only taken 10-11th grades up to 8 semesters.

See CSU GPA calculator link:

Cal states are test blind this admission cycle so only CSU GPA, HS course rigor, and geographic location (local vs non-local vs OOS/International) will be the main admission considerations. For CS majors, Math/Science grades will be emphasized.

EC’s, Class rank and AP scores are not a consideration.

All majors at SDSU are impacted but based on your academic stats, you look competitive. As long as you can pay full fees at $40K/year to attend with no financial aid, SDSU looks like a Match school.

Thank you gumbymom!

@silverdad1: My younger son graduated from SDSU as a CS major a few years ago. Any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.

I read that in one of your posts. Thank you for being so helpful and informative btw.
How was/is rigor of CS classes compared to some UC’s and other popular CS schools we hear about? I know there will be some variation depending on specific course, professor etc ? But just in general if you know.

He only applied and considered a few UC’s, but not any top CS schools like UCLA or UCB. He is a smart kid but only really excelled in the subjects he liked such as Math and Science.

The best way to determine rigor is a side by side comparison of the curriculum. He only compared UC Riverside to the Cal states curriculum.

He saw a difference in the Math sequence: Both UC’s and Cal states required Calc 1, Calc 2, Linear Algebra and Discrete Math. The UC’s required Multivariable Calculus while the Cal states required Stats.

Some schools started with C++ programming while others started with Java or Python.

CS is a rigorous curriculum regardless of where you study and saw several classmates changing majors after Freshman year.

He was happy at SDSU and with their CS program. He currently lives and works in the San Diego area.

He’ll probably get in but, IMHO, the OOS tuition is absurd.

In all likelihood, he’d get decent scholarships from USD and LMU making them much more cost effective, high quality option in So Cal.

Thanks guys!