Please chance to NYU!

<p>Hello! NYU Gallatin is my first choice, and I was wondering if I have a chance for admission there. I am applying regular decision.</p>

<p>-3.8 GPA
-2030 SAT
-I've done a lot of incredible activities throughout high school (internships, nonprofit work, etc.)
-I think my essays and recommendations are excellent</p>

<p>I would really appreciate any feedback! Thanks!</p>

<p>You seem to have a good chance, but your stats are kind of limited. Could you provide more?</p>

<p>Is that GPA weighted or unweighted? How rigorous is your school? I agree, we need a lot more info or we won't be able to tell you anything helpful.</p>

<p>Oh of course! I'm really passionate about the field of international development, and I would really like to go into foreign service work in the future. During my freshman year in high school, I established a nonprofit organization dedicated towards development in other countries. As a junior, I was a House of Representatives Page in DC for approximately six months. After my sophomore year, I was awarded a three month internship abroad at an international development policy-making and research institute where I conducted my own independent research project that will be published in the future. Throughout high school, I've been actively involved in Band, Debate, Model UN and volunteer work within my community (local campaigning office, hospital, etc.) I've taken rigorous AP classes, approximately 12. I realize that I don't have a 2400 SAT or a 36 ACT, but I'm really passionate about what I've done and I really feel as though NYU Gallatin is the perfect place in which I can combine my many interests that are also necessary for the work I would like to go into in the future. Any feedback is much appreciated!</p>

<p>I believe that is unweighted. I go to a prep academy, and my classes are very challenging.</p>

<p>I apologize for doing this, but bump?</p>

<p>Good chance, good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input! Any other opinions/feedback?</p>

<p>from what you've provided, I think NYU would be a match for you. make sure your passion for international development is evident in your essays to counter act the sats. </p>

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<p>I see you as a strong applicant to the school!
and see that you're really passionate about what you do,
which also fits where you want to go!
So i'd say you have a strong shot at it :D</p>