Please Chance!!

<p>Hey guys I'm going to be a senior next year I'm really interested in the BS/MD programs. Please chance me for UMKC (6 year med); UCSD Scholars Program; BU (7 year Med); Brown University PLME; Northwestern HPME; Baylor/Rice; and Case Western Reserve.</p>


<p>GPA UW: 3.57 (really low I know)
GPA W: 4.01
SAT I: 2380
ACT: 35
SAT II: Math II: 800 Chem: 800 Bio: 780 US History: 770
AP: Chem 5, Bio 5, Stats 5, Environmental Science (self study) 4, US History (self study) 4
I'm also going to take 4 more APs next year. Calc BC; Psychology ; Literature/ Comp; and Physics B</p>


<p>I have 200+ hours in Hospital Volunteering </p>

<p>I shadowed three different types of doctors in the summer of my Sophomore year. I got a letter of rec from 2 of them.</p>

<p>I volunteered in an children autism summer class. In this class I helped the kids with their education as well as entertained them. During this I was able to view my life in a different way. I had a great time and the teacher wrote me a letter.</p>

<p>Currently I'm doing a Medical Summer Research Internship at the University of Chicago. My topic is on Cancer and the professors here are very supportive (likely to get a letter of rec). At the same time I'm finding time to go to the hospital with my uncle (a nephrologist) and shadow him as well.</p>

<p>Also during the my Sophomore year winter break I went to India for three weeks. Ever since I was little my parents used to constantly remind me that we must give back to our community because they are the reason why we are in this position. I did some research and I found a newly developing company that would set up a water purification system in some towns and villages in India. I contacted this company and they said that in order to start the project I must first collect money, then convince the local political leaders in that area in India, and then educate the villagers why this water purification system would improve there lives. It took 3 weeks of hard convincing and educating to finally get everyone to agree. I set up this system in 3 different villages that have a population of about 6000-10000 people in each village. I company took pictures and kept a log of all my activities. Along with the log and pics they also wrote me a letter saying exactly what I did. I plan to go back to India and continue setting up more water purification systems in villages that greatly deserve them.</p>

<p>2 years of varsity cross country
2 years of varsity basketball</p>

<p>Vice president of Med-corps</p>

<p>I have been reading other peoples' stats for these same programs and they have really nice GPAs and excellent ECs. Will I even stand a chance with that kind of GPA.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for taking your time to give me information about my chances to get into these schools. And please feel free to write any thoughts about how I can improve my chances.</p>

<p>I think your unique extra-curriculars will make up for the slight deficiency in your gpa. G’luck!</p>

<p>Considering the amount of ECs you have, your GPA will not be a problem. You show dedication towards Medicine and that will give you the advantage to get into a program.</p>

<p>You have excellent test scores and great ec’s.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input guys. Do the colleges look at the GPA and test score in the first round and then look at the ECs in the second or is it all at the same time.</p>