Please Chance

<p>EDIT: You know what? I decided that it is best not to ask people on the internet for advice. I'm just going to pray that I get in.</p>

<p>See above ^</p>

<p>clever decision. I dont see the point of ANY of these "chance me threads".. i sometimes think its just a tool to scare people or something.i dont think ANYONE here knows better than the admissions officer to be honest. People should go with their gut feeling rather than asking opinions from others, even if the students to go to Penn!</p>

<p>Remember, half the people do reply to these "chance me threads" will be the same ones competing for your college seat! So duhh they would love it if they could put off someone from applying..that just means less competition for THEM!!</p>

<p>wishh you the very best in your application and hope it works out!</p>